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Ref NoEUL MS 403/9/4
TitleMiscellaneous European and American periodicals
DescriptionIssue of Images du Monde (Lausanne) containing 'Un conte kurde inédit' (1973), World Minorities: a Second Volume, edited by Georgina Ashworth (1978), Issue no. 44 of Defence Update International (1984), a programme for the Migrant London Festival (1985), Issues no. 1 (1987) and 2 (1988) of Etudes Orientales = Dirasat Sharqiyah (Paris), Issue of the Economist, including 'A Survey of Islam' and three photocopied extracts from other issues (1994), Vol. 3, no. 4 of Flyktingnytt (1987), Issue no. 1595 of Internationalen (1991), Issue no 2 of Ny i Sverige (1990), Issue no 2 (1992) of the Stockholm University magazine Su-Nytt, a copy of States in Armed Conflict, edited by Ylva Nordlander (Uppsala University, 1993), Issue no 7 of the periodical Argument: tidsskrift for alternativ sikkerhedspolitik og folkelige bevægelser - nationalt og globalt (1993), an issue of the Fundamentalism Project Newsletter (1993), Issue no 47 of the periodical War Report (London, 1996), Issue no 1 (1997) on Turkey of the Swedish periodical Fred & Solidaritet, issues no. 4 (1995), 2 (1998) and 1 (1999) of periodical Halva världens litteratur (Stockholm), Issues no. 4 (1998), 2 (1999) and 3 (2001) of the periodical Invandrare & minoriteter (Norsborg), Building a new Iraq: women's role in reconstruction by Annemarie Brennan (Washington, 2004), Lives on hold: the human cost of statelessness, by M. Lynch (Washington, 2005), Strategic redeployment 2.0: a progressive strategy for Iraq by Lawrence Korb & Brian Katulis (Washington, 2006), Political islam and regime survival in Egypt by Khairi Abaza (Washington, Policy Focus no.51, 2006), Hamas Triumphant edited by Robert Satloff (Washington, Policy Focus no.53, 2006), Olmert's unilateral option by David Makovsky (Washington, Policy Focus no.55, 2006), The calm before the storm: the British experience in Iraq by Michael Knights & Ed Williams (Washington, Policy Focus no.66, 2007), Secularism and foreign policy in Turkey by Soner Cagaptay (Washington, Policy Focus no.67, 2007), a copy of En undersökning om lärares erfarenheter av och uppfattningar kring undervisning om förintelsen by Anders Lange (Stockholm, 2008) about the teaching of the Holocaust in Sweden, three Special Reports from the US Institute of Peace (2006), the 2005 Annual Review of the Iraq Policy Committee, an issue of the Smithsonian with an article on Iraq's Kurds (2005), issues of Newsweek and the Washington Post on 9/11 (October 2001), two issues of the US Office of Research 'Opinion Analysis' (2006), two issues of the Backgrounder (2007), 'Global Security Assessment for the House Armed Services Committee, 11 July 2007, Etudes Internationales de Psycho-Sociologie Criminelle No.18/19 (1970), two issues of Policy Analysis (2007), the Middle East Institute Newsletter 49:4 (1998), Search for Common Ground 1:1 (1992), CATO Institute briefing paper No.3 (2007), two issues of Peace Watch (2006-7), Critique Socialiste 44 (1982), Review of Iranian Political Economy and History 1:1 (1976), New Left Review 96 (1976), World Marxist Review 11 (1963), The Scribe: the Arab Review (1963), New Times 7 (1966), Wide World (May 1964)
LanguageDanish; Swedish; English; French;
FormatPrinted material
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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