RepositorySpecial Collections Archives (GB 0029)
Ref NoEUL MS 418/1
DateSeptember 1819 - 1845
TitleVolume 1 of Diary of George Henry Parlby White, 1819-45
DescriptionHardback lined notepad with marbled boards, containing 103 pages of diary entries written between 1819 and 1825, with a similar number of pages written from the back of the book containing lines of verse, prose excerpts and other passages copied out from books. The diary opens on 9 September 1819 with 'Sailed for South America in HMS Superb. Longeur and Hyperion in company' and follows White's progress past Tenerife and over the Equator (11 October), the death of a dolphin - accompanied by verses from William Falconer's poem 'The Shipwreck' on the beauty of the dying dolphin - a poetical description of Rio de Janeiro (24 October), detailed discussion of the lives, habits and cuisine of South American 'gaucho' cowboys in Uruguay (28 January 1820), a grand ball in Rio (July 1820), violent storms and sperm whales while rounding Cape Horn on the way to Valparaiso (February 1821), costumes, flora and fauna in Chile (April 1821), a two week cruise to capture Chilean pirate Vicente Benavides (July 1821), a description of Chilean bird life including flamingoes and condor (15 September 1821), bull fights (November 1821), return to Rio de Janeiro after an absence of two years, with a description of the city (18 May 1822), and the visit of Emperor Pedro I of Brazil to Rio (19 August 1824). Commonplace entries include some verses possibly written by White, such as 'Lines on Botogago Bay, Rio de Janeiro' and 'Admiralty Leave to Tell! A Soliloquy. In the Royal Marine Barrack Yard', as well as a passage on Dom Miguel from 'John Bull', Netley Abbey, 'On His Wife's Bosom' by the late Dr Doddrige, Italian lines from Petrarch and Gabriel Rossetti, verse in Greek, an 'Ode to Lord Byron', 'Morning Twilight', by Maria Colling, a servant girl living at Tavistock, a description of Gauchos Houses and Sporting in South America, Lines by the Rev. Charles Wolfe (1791-1823), excerpts from the British Magazine and Blackwoods (1830), 'The World of London. Her Majesty in State' (1844) and 'Stanzas to the Infant Sappho' (1845).
LanguageEnglish; Italian; Greek; Spanish
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameWhite; George Henry Parlby (1802-82), naval officer
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