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Ref NoEUL UA/P/3a
Extent1 file plus glass plate negatives
TitleUniversity photographs: events: council and senate meetings etc.
DescriptionPhotographs and glass plate negatives of events in the history of the University and its predecessor institutions. A detailed description of the contents of this file is given below:

i) First meeting of the Court of Governors of the University College of the South West of England, 27 Oct 1922
Sir Henry Lopes was in the chair with Principal Hetherington on his right and Mr A K Woodbridge, the Registrar, on his left.

ii) First Council of the University of Exeter, 1955 (pictured in front of Gandy Street)
The members of the Council were Professor J Griffith Morgan, Professor J Sykes, A G Bartlett, Professor A T Price, Alderman H J Perry, W G Tamlin, Professor A Davies, Professor J Caldwell, Colonel Roland Ward, Professor I Levine, Dr H H Macey, Professor F Barlow, Professor L A Harvey, Alderman H G Mason, Dr L K Elmhirst, Miss F M Pugh, Professor H B Garland (Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Dr J W Cook (Vice-Chancellor), Mr B G Lampard-Vachell (Pro-Chancellor), R Ross, Alderman W T Slader, R W Turner (Treasurer), Sir Arthur Reed, Professor S H Watkins. Absent - Alderman Vincent Thompson, Sir John Daw, J A Day, Dr H J Hewitt, Professor A C T W Curle, M J P Cruttwell.

NB A G Bartlett served as Academic Registrar 1950-1975 (title changed from Academic Secretary in 1954); J W Cook was Principal of the University College of the South West 1954-1955 and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Exeter 1955-1966; B G Lampard-Vachell was Treasurer of UCSWE 1946-1955, Deputy President of UCSWE 1948-1955 and Pro-Chancellor of the University of Exeter 1955-1965; R Ross served as Registrar 1952-1975 (title changed to Secretary in 1954); R W Turner was Treasurer of the University of Exeter 1955-1979; many others were long-serving members of the academic staff.

iii) First Senate of the University of Exeter, 1955 (pictured in front of Gandy Street)
The members of the Senate were M J P Cruttwell, Professor A Davies, I R D Mathewson, Dr D C Collins, A Milton, Professor H G R Sellon, Rev Dr S C Carpenter, Professor F W Clayton, W S Steer, Dr K Schofield, Dr S J Gregg, Professor J Caldwell, Miss H Swinburne, Professor R Niklaus, A Stuart, R Ross, L J Lloyd [University Librarian], Professor T A Brown, Professor J Griffith-Morgan, Professor J Sykes, Dr J W Cook (Vice-Chancellor), Professor W L Horrox, Professor I Levine, Professor H T S Britton, Professor L A Harvey, A G Bartlett Absent - Professor F Barlow, Professor H B Garland (Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Professor A T Price, Professor H O W Richardson.

NB see note to i) above; L J Lloyd was Librarian of UCSWE and then the University of Exeter 1946-1972.

iv) Board of Senate
Folder of photographs [? 1970s]

v) University Council Group on Senate steps, 19 Jul 1999
Group includes Sir Geoffrey Holland and Margaret Lorenz.
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Creator_NameUniversity of Exeter
Wykes; Henry; photographer
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