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Extent3 files plus glass plate negatives
TitleUniversity photographs: events: teaching, studying and research
DescriptionPhotographs and glass plate negatives of teaching, studying and research, including current or former staff, of the University of Exeter. This section also includes various photographs of lectures, seminars and tutorials in progress as well as general departmental activity. A detailed description of the contents of the file is given below:

Arabic and Islamic Studies:
Identified members of staff: Tim Niblock, Nazi Ayubi, Jack Smart, Brian Pridham, Sir Antony Parsons (former British Ambassador in Iraq and Honorary Research Fellow).

Biological Sciences:
Photograph of two staff using a scanning electon microscope, 1984

Business and Economics:
Two photographs of Department of Economics, staff and students, 1949-1950 (staff include Professor John Sykes, Head of Department)
Business and Economics groups, Jun 1999
Various staff and student group photographs [1990s]
Agricultural Economics staff group, Lafrowda House, Jun 1999 (strip of negatives)
Photograph of John McInerney
Identified member of staff: Mark Gifford-Gifford.

Honours Chemistry Class Degree Photo, Jun 1959
Two photographs of student groups [? 1960s]

Classics departmental group, 1997-1998, Oct 1997
Classics departmental group, Oct 1998
Identified members of staff: Christopher Gill, Richard Seaford, Norman Postlethwaite, Peter Wiseman, John Marr, Lynette Mitchell, John Wilkins.

Complementary Health Studies:
Various photographs of Simon Mills, co-founder of the Institute for Complementary Health Studies
Individual photograph of Professor Edzard Ernst, Director of Complementary Medecine

Dictionary Research Centre:
Group photograph, May 1997

St Luke's Hall group, Jul 1997
St Luke's 4th year groups, Mar 1999
Individual photographs of Ken Fox
Three photographs of Ted Wragg (one includes alongside Stewart Purvis and Paul Jackson, both undergraduates in the 1960's. Stewart was editor of the South Westerner and subsequently became Chief Executive of ITN. Paul became Chief Executive of Carlton Television.)
Various photographs on the occasion of the St Luke's merger lecture given by Sheila J. Browne, Senior Chief Inspector, DES, Jan 1979

INSIGHT course group, Jul 1999 (strip of negatives)
Group of negatives of hovercraft project

English Language Centre:
General group, Jun 1998
Staff group including Reinhardt Hartmann and David Ferris
Identified member of staff: Helen Boswood

Photograph of Ed Maltby conducting a seminar group

Photograph of Basil Greenhill, Joyce Youings and Stephen Fisher
General photograph of a history lecture

Italian group, Jun 1998
Italian departmental group, May 1999
Identified members of staff: Mark Davie, Stephen Bemrose, Roberto Bruni, Luisa Quartermaine.

Centre for Legal Practice staff and students group, Jun 1998
Law postgraduates and staff, Jun 1998
Centre for Legal Practice departmental group , Jun 1999
Law postgraduates and staff, Jun 1999
Photographs of Dominic Lasok (Professor of Law and Director of the Centre for European Legal Studies, 1972-1986 after whom the Law Library is named), one with Douglas Hurd on the occasion of the EEC Law Lecture, Feb 1982
Photograph of Nick Grief
Identified members of staff: David Perrott, L Betten, Robert Drury, John Bridge, John Coombes, Vivienne Shrubsall.

Maths departmental group, May 1998
School of Mathematical Sciences group, May 1999
Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research (MSOR) group, May 1998
Photograph of Maths masterclass 1993, including Phil Everson
Individual photographs of Philip Hall, Bole Odoni
Identified members of staff: Nigel Byott, Ben Mestel, Ken Read, Trevor Bailey.

Music departmental group, Jun 1998
Music departmental group, Jun 1999
Brass instrumental group
Identified members of staff: Peter Allsop, Philip Grange, Alan Street, Richard Langham Smith, Tim Jones, Ian Mitchell, Paul Morgan, Nick Sandon, Margaret Swaffield (secretary).

Physics departmental group, May 1999
Individual photograph of John Inkson
Group in physics laboratory including John Inkson
Identified members of staff: Gyaneshwar Srivastava, Ian Summers.

Population Studies:
Various group photographs, May 1998
Various group photographs, May 1999

Russian staff and students group, Apr 1998
Russian departmental group, Apr 1999
Identified members of staff: Roger Cockrell, Carol Adlam.

Sociology group, Jun 1998
Sociology departmental group, Jun 1999
Photograph of sociologists John Vincent and Barry Turner
Photograph of Department of Sociology Television Room
Identified members of staff: Grace Davie, Robert Witkin, Anthony King, John Vincent, Paul Keating, Bob Snowden, Barry Barnes, Nigel Pleasants, Barry Turner.

Spanish staff and student group, May 1998
Spanish departmental group, Jun 1999
Identified members of staff: Richard Hitchcock, Alex Longhurst.

Theology group, Jun 1998
Theology departmental group, Jun 1999
Identified member of staff: Alastair Logan.

Large bundle of general photographs of teaching, studying and research activities

Project Pallas:
Four photographs of Project Pallas '92 [1992] (renewal of equipment)
Access StatusOpen
ArrangementArranged in files by subject.
Creator_NameUniversity College of the South West of England
University of Exeter
Wykes; Henry; photographer
London News Agency
Grant; Henry; photographer
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