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TitleTregeagle [2]
DescriptionIncludes; pre- publicity and production photographs, posters, programmes and audio-visual materials.
Admin HistoryIn 1984 John Oram was sent to Cornwall by South West Arts in the role of Theatre Animateur. At this time Kneehigh were performing a devised version of Tregeagle - the story of Cornwall's most wicked man- in schools and communities. Oram who had previously worked on Nick Darke's The Earth Turned Inside Out became involved with the company and together with Boris Howarth from Welfare State International, developed the show for national touring.

Oram used the story of Tregeagle the Cornish Faust written by John Robert King, which in turn was based on the 18th century myth of Jan Tregeagle of Cornwall, a once penniless shepherd who sells his only possession his soul, to the devil in return for the wealth he feel he needs to win the heart of the beautiful Bronwyn. Tregeagle later becomes a landowner, lawyer and judge but it is too late as Bronwyn has married another. He vents his frustration on those who face him in court with a reputation for harsh judgements and severe punishments, Tregeagle continues to steal, cheat and lie all for more power. In death, and in order to save his soul he is tasked with emptying Dozmary Pool believed to be bottomless and the lake of the underworld, with a leaking limpet shell with the knowledge that if he ever stopped this endless task the Black Hunter would claim him. Jon Oram's version takes Tregeagle on further adventures as a tortured spirit in search of a final resting place and a hope that even in Death he will win the love of Bronwyn.

Oram was interested in Mime and was taught by Marcel Marceau, and this production introduced Kneehigh to the use of masks and 'theatre sports' (high energy physical theatre techniques) developing in turn the Company's improvisational skills and devising processes. Music and song are also used as narrative in this production. This production was also the first to be awarded a grant from South West Arts [SWA]. This production toured around Cornwall for the first time, and was performed outside as well as indoors, incorporating music and song as part of the story telling that merged boundaries between actors and musicians. It would also be the first time Kneehigh performed outside Cornwall and really engaged with the idea and practicalities of performing both indoors and outdoors. This production played successfully at the Edinburgh Festival and Tregeagle is considered a key show for the development of Kneehigh as a Company launching it nationally through touring.

Cast & Crew
- Tregeagle - Will Coleman
- Black Hunter/Cornish Grave-digger/Judge Mucus - Mike Shepherd
- Hangman/Parson Corker - James [Jim] Carey
- Jago - Timothy [Tim] Dalling
- Bronwyn - Hilary Coleman
- Anne Jeffries - Anabelle Macfadyen
- Unnamed Character - Dave Mynne
- Devised/Directed - Jon Oram
- Design - Julian DeCourcy, Anabelle Macfadyen, Maggie Hutton, Dave Mynne & the Company.
- Artwork - Dave Mynne & Marten Gallagher
- Costume - Annie DeCourcy, Anabelle MacFadyen, Maggie Hutton
- Musical Direction - The Company with assistance from Boris Howarth
- Publicity & Administration - Bob Butler.
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