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Ref NoICS15
Date1970s - 2000
Extent16 boxes/6 linear metres
TitleInstitute of Cornish Studies: institutional records and publications - CATALOGUING IN PROGRESS PLEASE CONTACT ARCHIVES@FXPLUS.AC.UK
DescriptionThis Collection contains Institutional records such as minutes, annual reports and correspondence alongside publications produced by the Institute of Cornish Studies on various topics associated with Cornish history and culture. These include those published by the connected Cornish Biological Records Unit. Newsletters and magazines produced by Institute of Cornish Studies are also present, including those produced by the Institute of Cornish Studies Associates and the Cornish History Network along with Cornish Braid, Botanical Cornwall and New Cornwall Magazine. The Collection also contains reports and research materials for particular areas of research interest, including Cornish dialect.

Please note that other archive material collected by the Institute of Cornish Studies is catalogued seperately as discrete Collections - please ask for details.

The Collection is comprised of records from two Accessions, with detailed box lists as below. NB - Data Protection Closures necessitate that not all records below will be available to view.


Box 2
Institute of Cornish Studies Publications:
- The Cornish Writings of the Boson family - edited and annotated by Oliver. J. Padel (2 copies)
- Harvest Failure In Cornwall and Devon - the Book of Orders and the Corn Surveys of 1623 and 1630-1, edited by Todd Gray
- Cornish Drama of The Middle Ages :A Bibliography, 1987 (2 Copies)
- The Cornish Dictionary Project - First Progress Report by Andrew Hawke, 1982 (2 Copies)
- An Index to the Cornish Review by Phoebe M Procter, 1978 (2 Copies)
- A Half- Century of Cornish Methodism 1925-1975 A Local Preacher's Experience by G Pawley White, 1975
- The Buildings of Scilly by Peter Laws, 1980
- The Early Christian Inscriptions of Dumnonia by C.A. Ralegh Radford, 1975
- Isles of Scilly Survey by Vivian Russell, 1980
- Gwesperow - Eglos Sen Peder Newlyn - 10 Mys Ebrel 1975
- A Victorian Sailor's Diary- Richard Behenna of Veryan 1833-1898 edited by R.B.Behenna 1981
- Programme for the Fifth International Congress of Celtic Studies - Penzance - Cornwall, April 1975
- An Account of Wrecks 1759 - 1830 by John Bray, 1975
- Cornwall Newspapers 18th & 19th Century; Gazetteer & Finding List - Nigel Tangye, 1980
- The Truro Cathedral School Cadets Corps by Charles Thomas, 1987
- Sketch of The Life of William West, C.E, of Tredenham, 1973
- Mrs Percival's Endowed School: At penponds and Treslothan, Camborne 1761 to 1876 by Charles Thomas, 1982
- Exhibition of Manuscripts and Printed Books on the Cornish Language (15th c. - 1904) Arranged in Association with the 5th International Congress of Celtic Studies April 1975
- Studies In Anglo - Cornish Phonology by David J, North, 1983
- Preliminary Report on the Excavation of A Chambered Cairn Huts and Field- System at Bosiliack, Madron, West Cornwall - August - September, 1984
- A Word Geography of Cornwall by David J. North and Adam Sharpe, 1980.

Box 3
- Board of Cornish Studies Notes/Minutes from Meetings 1979-1993 (likely incomplete) [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]
- Academic Board 22nd May 1981- Notes/Minutes from Meetings [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]

Box 4
- Board of Cornish Studies Notes/Minutes from Meetings 1986-1990 (likely incomplete) [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]
- Miscellaneous ICS Correspondence & membership and publication information [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]

Box 5
- Copies of Institute of Cornish Studies - bulletin/newsletters, 1972-1975 with list of recipients [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]
- Copies of Institute of Cornish Studies Annual Reports and correspondence (some in draft form) c1973-1990 [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]
- Letter to Dr Philip Payton from Cornwall County Council regarding a luncheon for the Council of the Institute of Cornish Studies dated 31 Oct 1995
- Academic Council Minutes and Agendas (Council of the Institute of Cornish Studies) c1984-1990. Minutes include research proposals, CVs, details of project publications, accounts and correspondence (incomplete?) [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]
- Board of Cornish Studies minutes and Agendas c1985-1987

Box 6
- Minutes of Board of Management for The Institute Of Cornish Studies c1997-2004 [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]
- File containing draft copies of the minutes of the Board of Management for The Institute of Cornish Studies, along with correspondence and applications regarding research funding and the Kemp Scholarship [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]

Box 7
- Report to the committee on petitions - European parliament titled The Constitution of Cornwall or Kernow (Cornish Stannary Parliament) c1993
- Letter to Dr Philip Payton regarding a proposal for regional government in England from David Blunkett MP for Sheffield Brightside, dated 18th July 1991 (House of Commons Letterhead)
- Letter concerning nominations for County Council Members of the Council of the Institute of Cornish Studies dated 16th of March 1995
- Statements of Accounts for Institute of Cornish Studies and the Cornish biological Records Unit c1992-1995
- Cornwall Conservation Forum - Newsletters /Bulletins 1973- 76 (incomplete)
- Letter from International Bee Association dated 4th of December 1979 concerning an indoor bee house at Polgreen farm includes photographs and diagram of Bee Boles and Round House at Trenouth St Ervan, Photographs from Moira Tangye
- Letter to Rosemary Robertson asking for CCRA (?) and others to visit Lanherne, Mawgan in Pydar to produce a written report on the cider house - with photographs by Charles Woolf
- Index of lime kiln sites in Cornwall
- Map showing sites of Columbaria in Cornwall
- Notes on Cider dated 18.2.79 from Mr David Luck
- Copies of press cuttings concerning the publication 'Domestic Archaeology' produced by the Institute of Cornish Studies and the WI
- From a file previously titled 'West Penwith Photographs' containing newspaper clippings from 1980s local publications, showing historic images of industry, schools, sports and emergency services in the Penwith area from the early- late 20th century
- Finance Computer print outs and instructions for the Institute of Cornish Studies March 1989- January 1996
- Correspondence - ICS Academic Plan Working Committee c1993-1997 [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]
- ICS Christmas Card
- ICS Bookplates
- University of Exeter Research and External Support Newsletter - December 1990
- Booklet 'Media Network - A Guide to University Services' University of Exeter
- Advertisements and promotional material for the Institute of Cornish Studies

Box 8
- University of Exeter Internal Memorandum 29th of September 1993- Exeter Alumni visiting Departments (with postcards to be sent out to former students)
- University of Exeter Internal Memorandum Dr AG Cannon, Secretary of Faculties - 20th of November 1990 - Deans and Heads of Departments
- Institute of Cornish Studies - Notes on available Information Services - by Professor Charles Thomas (2 copies)
- Institute of Cornish Studies - Notes on Economic Indicators
- Computer print -outs and balance sheets - University of Exeter Management Information Report on The Biological Records Index Unit c1994
- File of correspondence relating to the Institute of Cornish Studies - February 1993 - November 1996 [NB likely subject to Data Protection closures]

Box 1
ICS Publications:
- Some Aspects of the Domestic Archaeology of Cornwall, Rosemary Robertson and Geoffrey Gilbert, 1979 (2 copies)
- An Archaeological Survey of the Rame Peninsula: Special Report No.2, 1974 (2 copies)
- Penryn Archaeology and Development: A Survey, Deborah Wingfield, 1979
- West Cornwall Field Club, issues:
o Volume 1, No.3, 1954-1955
o Volume 1, No.4, 1955-1956
o Volume 2, No.1, 1956-1957
o Volume 2, No.3, 1958-1959
o Volume 2, No.4, 1959-1960
o Volume 2, No.5, 1960-1961
- The Principal Antiquities of the Land's End District, Charles Thomas and Peter Pool, West Cornwall Field Club, 1961
- The Principal Antiquities of the Land's End District, Charles Thomas and Peter Pool, West Cornwall Field Club, 1959
- Insert reprinted from Volume 1, No.1, 1953 'Cumulative Index of Cornish Archaeology: List No.1, 1932-1952
- On Some Human Remains of Early Christian Date from Crantock, Cornwall, F.A. Turk, 1986
- Lighting up the Past in Scilly, Archaeological Results from the 1985 Electrification Project, Jeanette Ratcliffe, 1991
- A Provisional List of Imported Pottery in Post-Roman Western Britain and Ireland, Charles Thomas, 1981
- Varia: Miscellaneous papers (2) by members of the staff, 'Notes on Cornish Mammals in Prehistoric and historic times', Frank Turk, from Cornish Archaeology 10, 1971

- Varia: Miscellaneous papers (7) by members of the staff, 'A Glossary of Spoken English in the Isle of Scilly', Charles Thomas, from J. Roy. Inst. Cornwall VIII.2, 1979 (2 copies)
- A Glossary of Spoken English in the Isles of Scilly, Volume VIII, part 2, Charles Thomas
- The Cornish Language: A selected hand list of works published since 1900, 1972

- Cornish Drama of the Middle Ages: A Bibliography, Evelyn S. Newlyn, 1987
- The Medieval Cornish Drama, special bibliography no.2, 1992

Local History:
- A Victorian Sailors Diary - Richard Behenna of Veryan, 1833-1898, edited by R.B. Behenna, 1981
- Ashtown Farm: An Exploratory Local and Natural History Survey edited by Todd Gray, 1992
- An index to the Cornish Review, Phoebe M. Procter, edited by Denys Val Baker, 1978
- The Helford River and its Conservation, R.J. Croome, Caroline L. Kemp. Boat trip for the Associates of the Institute of Cornish Studies, 1990
- A Hand list of the Guides to the Isles of Scilly, Charles Thomas 1978
- A Supplement to Military Insignia of Cornwall, D. Endean Ivall and Charles Thomas, 1976
- Parish Registers and Bishop Transcripts, 1990
- The Medieval Cornish Poem of the Passion, Brian O. Murdoch, 1979 (2 copies)
- Varia: Miscellaneous papers (5) by members of the staff, 'Distribution Patterns of the Mammalion Fauna of Cornwall, Frank Turk, from Cornish Studies 1, 1973
- Isles of Scilly Survey, Vivien Russell, 1980
- A Handbook of Cornish Surnames, G. Pawley White. Handwritten.
- The Cornish Writings of the Boson Family, Oliver J. Padel, 1975
- What do we want from: Regional Broadcasting? Charles Thomas, 1978
- Cornwall Newspapers 18th & 19th Century: Gazetteer & Finding List, Nigel Tangye, 1980
- Leaflet on forthcoming publication by R Morton Nance, 'A Glossary of Cornish Sea-Words'
- Leaflet on forthcoming publication edited by Inglis Gundry, 'Canow Kernow Songs and Dances from Cornwall'

Box 2
ICS Publications
Cornish Biological Records Unit:
- Check List of Scillonian Marine Mollusca, Stella Turk, Isle of Scilly Museum Publication No.16, 1991 (2 copies)
- Atlas of the Butterflies in Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly 1994, John Worth (2 copies)
- Botanical Cornwall no.4, Mar 1990, edited by R.J. Murphy (2 copies)
- Botanical Cornwall no.5, May 1991, edited by R.J. Murphy
- Botanical Cornwall no.6, edited by R.J. Murphy, 1994 (2 copies)
- Botanical Cornwall no.7, edited by R.J. Murphy, 1996 (2 copies)
- Flora of St Just-in-Penwith, Mary Cuddy, 1991
- BRICS Journal, edited by A Spalding, Vol. 1, 1995 (2 copies)
- Zoological Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, No.2, July 1993
- Zoological Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, No.1, July 1991
- Check list of Scillonian Non-Marine Mollusca, Stella M. Turk, Isle of Scilly Museum Publication No.17
- Cornish Biological Records no.2, F.A. & S.M. Turk, 1979
- Cornish Biological Records no.4, F.A. & S.M. Turk, 1981
- Cornish Biological Records no.7, F.A. Turk, 1984
- Helford River Survey: Monitoring Report No. 1, Susan Hocking, 1989
- Check-list of the Flowing Plants and Ferns of Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly, 1994

Box 3
ICS Newsletters
ICS Associates Newsletter 2nd series (2 copies of each):
o No.1 Nov 1992
o No.2 Apr 1993
o No.3 May 1994
o No.4 May 1995
o Oct 2003
o Jun 2004
- Istori Kernewek - Cornish History, the newsletter of the Cornish History Seminar Group, 1997

Cornish History Network Newsletter editions:
o Issue 1 Spring 1998
o Issue 2 Summer 1998 (2 copies)
o Issue 3 Dec 1998 (2 copies)
o Issue 4 Mar 1999 (2 copies)
o Issue 5 Jul 1999
o Issue 7 Mar 2000
o Issue 11 July 2001
o Issue 12 Dec 2001
o Issue 13 Mar 2002 (2 copies)
o Issue 14 Aug 2002 (2 copies)
o Special edition Aug 2003

Cornish Braids Magazine editions:
o Jan 2003 Issue 1
o Jan 2004, Volume 1, Issue 4 (2 copies)
o Mar 2004, Volume 2, Issue 1 (3 copies)
o Jun 2004, Volume 2, Issue 2
" Botanical Cornwall Newsletter editions:
o No.1, May 1987 (2 copies)
o No.2, Jan 1988 (2 copies)
o No.3, Mar 1989

New Cornwall Magazine:
o No.1-3, Oct -Dec 1952 (No.1 & 2, 2 copies, No.3, part copy)
o No.5-12, Feb-Sept 1953 (No. 6, 7, 9, 11, 2 copies)
o Vol.2, No.4-6, Feb-Apr 1954
o Vol.3, No.5 Mar 1955
o Vol.4, No.3, Dec 1955
o Feb 1956, part copy
o Vol.5, No.1, Dec 1956-Jan 1957
o Vol.6, No.4, Jun-July 1958
o Vol.7, No.1 Dec 1958-Jan 1959, No.4-6, Jun-Jul 1959
o Vol.8, No.1-6, 1960
o Vol.9, No.1-7, 1961 (Multiple copies of each)
o Vol.10, No. 2-4, 1962 (2 copies of No.2-3)
o Vol.11, No.1-6, 1963 (2 copies of No.3, 5, 6)

Box 4
Records relating to research undertaken by ICS relating to Cornish dialect and language; 1950s - 1990s.
- 'ICS Dialect Survey Publications' (2 grey archive folders) includes:
o Draft research material
o Letter to Charles Thomas enlisting help for a book on 'Dialect in SW England'
o Dialect fields and notes
o Blank template maps of Cornwall
o Map of Cornwall showing localities investigated 1958-1979
o A-Z List of words and phrases
o List of phonetic symbols and signs
o Abbreviations used in the text
o Parish Informants
o Dialect research results
o Cornish dialect words
o Note to Adam from Oliver regarding parish bounds dialect

Research Notes 'Dialect Information II File A-M, FILE N-Z, Misc Collections' (Possible Data Protection Closures) (within 3 archive folders):
o Cutting from Thames and Hudson Catalogue, book review 'Celtic Britain' by Charles Thomas & 'Huanuco Pampa' by Craig Morris and Donald Thompson, July -Dec 1985
o Letter from Jill Thomas to ICS regarding subscription and enquiry about Cornish dialect words and inclusion of a new word, 1 Feb 1990. Attached is a response asking for more information on the new word, 5 Feb 1990
o Letter from Jill Thomas to ICS supplying more information on the word 'Villvayer' 7 Feb 1990. Attached is a response thanking Jill Harris for information 9 Feb 1990
o Handwritten note 'God bless you merry gentlemen' on reverse Cornish words
o Papers 'Tangye 1974-1976: Dialect Collection' (16 sheets)
o Letter from Charles Thomas to Michael Tangye responding to enquiry about publishing work on vocabulary and material from fishing coves, 2 Jul 1975
o A list of dialect words still in use in coves of the Lizard and Lands End, 1974-1976
o John Blight 1861 dialect notes
o Paper submitted to Dialect and Folk Life Studies 'Hedge Building in Mid and West Cornwall' by Ann Louise Rule, 1973 (5 sheets)
o Handwritten notes on publications relating to Cornish language and lists of Cornish words and English translations
- 'As many as you mind to', Nancarrow, 1907
- Seafaring by the Newquay Old Cornwall Society, E.J. Ennor, 1833
o Notes titled 'Nance, Fisheries', 1933-1934 'Some implements connected with Cornish fisheries' includes Cornish words and English translations
o Note titled 'RMN Fisheries' includes Cornish words and English translations
o Transcript note titled 'Nash, Newlyn 1978', Mrs Renee Nash aged 70, native of Newlyn, recorded 1978 includes Cornish words and English translations
o Cornish words and English translations taken from 'Nicholls' manuscript, Celtic Bird Names of Cornwall, Old Cornwall, 1965
o Additional notes on terms found throughout the 'Nicholls' manuscript (2 sheets)
o Notes from 'Cornish Seines and Seiners: a history of the pilchard fishing industry', Cyril Noall, St Ives, Bradford Barton, 1972 (3 sheets)
o Notes from R. J. Noall manuscript notes in his copy of Nauce's glossary of Celtic Words in Cornish Dialect
o Transcript notes of Cornish dialect from J. P. Olds, Gwithian, 1917-1979 (3 sheets)
o Dialect notes from Oliver, W. Cornwall, 1971 'Boats and Boat Building in West Cornwall' (5 sheets)
o Dialect notes from Olivery, Mylor, 1907 'History of the Parish of Mylor'
o Dialect of words complied by C. Worth, sent in by readers of the Padstow Echo, 1964-1978 (5 sheets)
o Dialect notes from 'Walks about St Hilary', by Charlotte Champion Pascoe, 1929 (2 sheets)
o Dialect notes from 'One and All, by E. Rowe, 1868
o Dialect notes from 'Old Beliefs around St Neot, W.A. Pascoe, 1930 (2 sheets)
o Dialect notes from 'Cornish Wrestling', H Pascoe, 1925
o Cornish words used fifty years ago, sent in by Mr W. Parsons, St Teath
o Dialect notes from 'Old St Ives: The Reminiscences of William Paynter, 1927 (2 sheets)
o Dialect notes from 'Farming in Roseland', Hilda Penter, c.1900
o Dialect notes from 'Memories of Mousehole', W. Perzack, 1932
o Letter from Mabel M. Pearce, maid or housekeeper at Helland Rectory, nr Bodmin, 1937, regarding new Cornish words (3 sheets)
o Within blue folder 'Phillips, Lizard and Goldsithney 1920-1979 & Phillips, Redruth and Lizard, 1890'. Letter from Ruth Phillips to Professor Thomas, enclosing dialect of words used by F.M. Phillips (6 sheets)
o Dialect notes, from Leslie Waldron Phillips, 29 Nov 1978
o Notes on place names St Just (2 sheets)
o Note with Cornish words 'Penzance ocs, J Kelynack'
o Note 'Cornish Glebe Terriers'
o Transcript notes from Betty Ralph, St Ives 1972 (6 sheets)
o Dialect notes from 'Old St Just, by Guthrie J. Richards
o Dialect notes 'Rickard, Egloshayle, 1963'
o Dialect notes 'William Roberts, Perranporth, 1939 (2 sheets)
o Dialect notes 'Old fishing ways at Looe', from an article in Old Cornwall, R. Pearce, 1933 (2 sheets)
o Notes from 'Geological Terms used in S.W. England', J. Robson & R. Morton-Nance (4 sheets)
o A List of words in common use, Goldsithney, 1931, collected by M.W. Rogers, 1931
o Dialect notes titled 'Rees album' (3 sheets)
o Dialect notes 'Richards, Marazion, 1923-1944 (2 sheets)
o Letter from Dr A. M. Casey, regarding the Cornish Dialect Project (3 sheets)
o Dialect notes, Rickards, Eloshayle, 1958
o Dialect notes, Rundle, Breage and Germoe, 1879-1884 'Cornish words which have a history' (6 sheets)
o Newspaper clipping 'Maze Monday Revolt' by Kenneth Phillipps, Western Morning News, 16 Jul 1980 regarding words and phrases still being used
o Newspaper clipping 'Arrish mows are gone but not forgotten' by Kenneth Phillipps, Western Morning News, 21 Nov 1979 regarding old methods and words dying out
o Dialect notes 'Rullen', W. Sarre, St Agnes, 1932
o Dialect notes from an article by the Evening Star: the story of Cornish fishing, Shearwood, 1937-1939 (2 sheets)
o Dialect notes 'St Clether 1950-1974, Sleep'
o Dialect notes 'Smuggling Days and Smuggling Ways or the story of a lost art' Shore 1932
o Dialect notes 'Smyth 1974' (7 sheets)
o Dialect 'St Stephens in Brannel', 1974 (2 sheets)
o In folder 'P.L.N Carveth, Truro, d.1978, Kathleen Hawke, John Kevery, St Just and Naunce, ed Moir, Nat. Hist. Words: Dialect miscellaneous collections, includes:
- 'Quotes from dialect of St Just in Penwith, John Kevern, 1973 (18 sheets)
- Glossary of the Cornish Dialect and letter from Judy Taylor, regarding the glossary complied by her late father, 4-7 Jul 1978 (34 sheets)
- Dialect notes from newspaper cuttings
- Letter to Professor Thomas from Kathleen Hawke regarding dialect studies, 3 Mar 1975
o Notes on the 'Survey of English Dialect', words not previously found in Courtney Couch 1880, Jago 1882, extracted by Graham Waters
o Transcription notes 'Stephens Altarnun', 1958,
o Transcription notes 'Stephens Altarnun', 1963
o Dialect notes 'James Stevens: A Cornish farmer's diary, Penzance, Pool, 1977 (4 sheets)

o Dialect notes :
- Strick, St Buryan, 1963
- Symons, Truro, 1884 (6 sheets)
- Spooner, North Hill, 1939
- Gwithian 1840
- Phillack 1840
- Camborne 1840
- Feock 1841
- Morval Telland 1840
- St Erth 1842
- Redruth 1979 (16 sheets)
- 70-80-year-old age group, peculiarities of grammar in dialect Redruth 1979 (marked with note 'Sharpe ICS', 7 sheets)
- In envelope labelled 'Tangye 1980' note cards for dialect still used by 40-year-old or above, Camborne & Redruth (5 sheets)
- Barlett, Launceston, 1979 on reverse Words from files of the West Briton
- Redruth OCS 1928-1948 (7 sheets)
- Words recorded from West Briton 1841-1897 (2 sheets)
- Words used by the writer when a boy, Redruth 1933 (3 sheets)
- Dialect from recording notes of Michael Tangye (4 sheets)
- Taylor, words from Cornish mining essays, 1814
- Words from Old Cornwall V.4 1953, V.6 1955 (4 sheets)
- Extracts from the E. Nicholls manuscript from an unpublished manuscript by H Thomas, St Just (5 sheets)
- Susanna Thomas manuscript notes, Camborne
- Words used in Camborne which do not appear in the glossaries of Jago, Courtney or Thomas (2 sheets)
- Note 'Henry Thomas, St Just-in-Penwith
- Thomas, St Mary's, 1977
- Tonkin, Mullion, 1958
- Tredinnick, St Agnes, 1894-1979

o Notes from brown folder 'Dialect Information N-Z':
- Tregenza, West Penwith, 1975
- Tregenza-Leo, Harbour Village: yesterday in Cornwall, Kimber & Co Ltd, London, 1977
- Tremewan, 1895-1910, Cornish Youth: memories of a Perran Boy, Blackford, 1968 (2 sheets)
- Tremewan, 1918-1938, A builder's life in Perranporth
- Watson, notes from 'A compendium of British Mining Terms', extracted by E. Nicholls
- Cornish Dialect Words from Mrs L.E.S. Webber, Helston
- Newspaper cutting of an article by Kenneth Phillipps regarding the origin of strange words supplied by Mr Arthur Wise, Launceston, 1977
- Note 'Douglas Vosper. Saltash c.1960
- Warren, St Buryan, 1911, Words still in use
- Extracts from the West Briton newspaper, 'Life in Cornwall in the Mid-19th Century', 1835-1854 (3 sheets)
- Robin Barayaneth, Wooden Horse, Penzance, 1824 (3 sheets)
- Worgan, General View of the Agriculture of the county of Cornwall, Board of Agriculture, London, 1811 (2 sheets)

o Notes from brown folder 'Dialect Information A-M'
- The Good Old Days, Cornish Magazine, 1899
- Batten Jr, Newlyn, 1978
- Alderidge, St Agnes, 1956
- Arthur, St A, 1901-1960
- Bartlett, Launceston, 1979 (7 sheets)
- Bartlett, Laneast, 1900-1950, A Century of Life in a Cornish Kitchen
- Bartlett, Laneast, 1900-1950, A century beneath the thatch
- Batten Sr, Newlyn, 1978
- Bray, Bude, 1759-1830. An Account of Wrecks, chiefly on the North Coast
- In envelope 'Bray, Camborne 1909-1980, note cards containing Cornish words (4 sheets)
- Bray, Camborne, 1908-1979
- Brears, Truro, 1971, Techniques of the Truro Pottery
- Carter, Marazion, notes from The Autobiography of a Cornish Smuggler by Captain Harry Carter, of Prussia Cove
- Bottrell, Penzance, notes from, Traditions and Hearthside stories of West Cornwall (14 sheets)
- Bowley, 1968, Scilly, The Fortunate Isles
- Carkeek, St Buryan, 1880-1929, The Open Chimney
- Chapman, Padstow, 1898-1978, Memories of a School by in Padstow, from the Padstow Echo, sept 1973
- Clarke, Liskeard, 1931, Remembrances of life on a farm (7 sheets)
- Church Accounts, Stratton, 1512-1577, article from Archaeologia Vol XLVI, London, 1880
- Clack, 1865
- Reprints from the Cornish Telegraph, 1906
- Cock, St Austell, 1896, A Treatise, technical and practical, on the nature production and uses of China Clay
- Collier, Penzance, 1898
- Tamarside Dialect and the Language of Chaucer, Rev. R. Dew, Cornhill Magazine, Aug 1927, pp.179-185
- Colquhoun 1971, words and phrases current in 1971, West Penwith, Cornish Review 18 (Summer 1971), pp.57-67
- Brian Coombs, Mylor, 'Punt', 1979
- Cornishman, Fishing Terms, 1974
- Cornish Manuscript words (2 copies)
- Courtney, 1886-1887, Cornish Feast and Folklore, collected sources (4 sheets)
- Coward, West Cornwall, Husbandman in the early 19th century,
- Cowls, 1947, The Spallers
- Cowls, 1939, Stories from Cellars and Lofts
- Cowls, 1934, Fishing in a Cornish Port in 1870
- Photocopy of manuscript 'A Cornish Dictionary', 1977, from Cornwall Records Office (AD/528/13)
- Cox, St Cleer, 1963
- Devonshire, Delabole, 1910
- DDNB 1823
- Dew Kilkhampton, 1908-1927
- Edwards, Mevagissey
- Ellerye, 1901-1979, St Keverne and St Columb
- Fisheries lectures, Truro, 1893
- Garby, 1869, Illogan, 1869
- Green, St Ives, 1895-1940, The St Ives, Fishing Industry
- Words supplied by R Gendalls
- Glubb, words in Cornish dialect, mostly from North Cornwall, 1900 (7 sheets)
- Hall, St Just, 1905, A list of Cornish Words, Phrases and forms of Expression, collected by Richard Hall (18 sheets)
- Hammond 1882-1897, words extracted from a Cornish Parish: being an account of St Austell, town, church, district and people (2 sheets)
- Harris, Camborne, 1820-1882
- Words from Reminiscence of Old Times, 1871-1908
- Harvey, Newlyn, 1978
- Hawk, St Mellion, 1929
- Heard, Kilkhampton, 1963
- Hems, 1883
- In envelope 'Hicks', note cards containing Cornish words (3 sheets)
- Hicks, St Agnes, 1976, The Old Words (2 sheets)
- Hicks, Bodmin, 1840-1868, Tales and sayings of William Robert Hicks, 1893
- M. Hicks, Scilly, 1977
- Hodge, St Ives, 1938
- Holman, St Just, 1850-1920 (8 sheets)
- Cornish Mines and Miners, 1925
- Jago, St Ewe, 1958
- James, 1920-1930, A Grain of Sand: memories of a Cornish Childhood, 1976
- James, 1880-1900, A History of the Parish of Gwennap in Cornwall
- JJB, Mousehole, 1950
- Jerram, Polperro, 1930 (6 sheets)
- Johns, Baldith, 1931
- Notes 'Jric'
- Kelynack, Newlyn, 1934, Reminiscences of Newlyn
- Kendall, The Art of Cornish Wrestling
- Laity, Gwinear, 1890-1948
- Lakeman, 1911, Earlytide, a Mevagissey Childhood
- Lampshire, St Cleer,
- Landry, Nancekuke, 1889-1972 (2 sheets)
- A Cornish glossary
- Lobb, Ladock, 1914-1979
- Local saying and dialect, Looe, 1930
- Cornish Magazine, Vol. 1, 1898
- Malan, Altarnun, 1886 (2 sheets)
- Marshall, Tamar Valley, 1796 The Rural Economy of the West of England, 1950
- Marshall, Porthcurno, 1978
- Martin, 1929, Cornish Recipes Ancient and Modern (4 sheets)
- Martyn, Falmouth, 1962, The China Clay Industry,
- Matthews, Movah 1974: Stribley, St Clements, 1973: Wearne, Morvah, 1974
- Mayne, Paul 1943, stray notes on Paul Parish (2 sheets)
- Farmer, Tregony, 1910
- Notes on Cornish words
- Merrifield, Ladock, 1979
- 'Miscellaneous': Johns, Uren, Beswetherivk, Menhinick, Hicks, Vyvyan, Dumbar,
- Miners, St Just, 1978-1979
- Michell, Portmellon, 1901-1968, A Boat Builders Story (2 sheets)
- Mitchell, Lamorna, 1870-1970, Recollections of Lamorna, An Illustrated History,
- Moore, Liskeard, 1976
-Dialect Words

- An Independent Academic Study on Cornish Research Project, includes information on the development of Cornish language and literature, mode of use, educational provision, organisations promoting Cornish and funding sources, Apr 2000. Includes floppy disk

Box 5

Further research materials on Dialect:
- Studies in Anglo-Cornish Phonology: 2, 'Studies in the Phonology of West Penwith English', David J. North, 1991
- A glossary of dialect words used in Cornwall, Kathleen Hawke, 1975
- A Collection of dialect words mainly peculiar to Cornwall, Kathleen Hawke, 1976-1977
- A list of words used in Cornwall, Kathleen Hawke, nd
- Classified Cornish dialect words for flowers, trees, fruit, insects, animals, birds and fishes, Kathleen Hawke
- Mining terms, tools and other articles in Cornish Dialect, Kathleen Hawke

Cornish Language Material:
An Lef Kernewek covering years 1952-1975, in Cornish language issues:
o 1-17 (2 copies of 17)
o 19-81 (2 copies of 61, 78, 79)
o 83-107
o 109-115 (2 copies of 113)
o 117-127 (2 copies of 119- 126)

'Krenewek Miss Gray, 1976', material for learning the Cornish language - in Cornish and English. (In grey archive folder).:
o Lesson ten - verbs present and imperfect
o Typed Cornish language material
o Dyscas 8 [Dyskas] (Teaching) Cornish language study material
o Dyscas 7 Cornish language study material
o Dyscas 6 Cornish language study material
o Dyscas 4 Bledhen 2 [Teaching 4, Year 2] Cornish language study material, two sheet
o Dyscas 5 Bledhen 5 Cornish Language study material [Teaching 5, Year 2], two sheets with annotated notes
o Exercise book containing lines of Cornish language
o Kesva an Tavas Kernewek - Cornish Language Board exam questions 1977, Grade II
o Kesva an Tavas Kernewek - Cornish Language Board exam questions 1978, first grade
o Kesva an Tavas Kernewek - Cornish Language Board exam questions 1978, Grade II
o An Gannas magazine December 1976
o An Gannas magazine 1977 January - July, and September, December editions
o Zaccheus - Cornish language material
o An Gannas magazine 1978 January - March editions
o Typed Cornish language material
o Cornish language script 'John and Tamsin shopping' 2 sheets
o Cornish language typed script 'Pyu yu hemma?
o Cornish language typed script 'de, hedyu, avorow'
o Cornish language typed script 'Jowan A-Scryf Lyther
o Cornish language typed script 'de, hedyu, avorow' with annotated drawings
o Cornish language typed script 'Pleme Jowan?'
o Pronunciation states 2 sheets
o An Try Mynnas
o Grammar for the first grade by Gwas Kenethlow, Bard of the Cornish Gorsadd, Jan 1977
o Gwesperow yn eglos colum, September 1977
o Handwritten Cornish sheets titled 'H.P. Gray', 2 sheets
o First Steps in Cornish by Gwas Kenthlow, September 1976 incldues handwritten annotations
o Pages form exercise book containing lines of Cornish Language
o Note to Mr Page in Cornish
o Cornish language script 'Trewerra, Bolitho, Tomas'
o Kesva an Tavas Kernewek - Cornish Language Board exam questions Grade I Elementary, 1977
o Handwritten Cornish language exercises 55 sheets
o Musuransow Pellder, 2 copies
o A succinct summary of the verb 'BOS' and its usese in the Cornish Language, and a review of the three auxiliary verbs by Gwas Kenethlow
o Bledhen 2, Dyscas 1, 2 sheets include student's exercises
o Bledhen 2, Dyscas 2,
o Handwritten Cornish exercises, 3 sheets
o Dyscas 3 Prena Chy Noweth
o Handwritten Cornish exercises, 4 sheets
o Page 23 of text book containing Cornish National Anthem
o Handwritten note on word 'Britain, Pretain, Brythons

- The Lord's Prayer in the Cornish Language postcard, images is of John Wesley and Gwenap Pit. Publishers Murray King, St Ives.
- Hedhyu - a magazine to encourage the use of everyday Cornish, 1959.

Box 6
ICS Research Studies:
- Guide to the General and Topographical Index of the Institute of Cornish Studies, 1979
- Bojewyan Site Museum - A Feasibility Study, carried out for the Institute of Cornish Studies, undergraduate project 1972-1973 by Emma C. Glossop, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich
- Competing for Cornwall, A study of Second Home Owners and Permanent residents in Coastal Communities, Dr Paul Thornton, 1996
- South West Papers in Geography: Economic Development & Policy in Cornwall, proceedings of a regional studies Association - Institute of Cornish Studies joint conference, Spring 1992, edited by Gareth Shaw and Allan M. Williams
- Deindustrialisation in the South-West: Migration and the Mining Industry in East Cornwall in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, Department of Economic History project, University of Exeter, Bernard Deacon, 1985
- Taxation and Wealth in Late Medieval Cornwall, N.J.G. Pounds
- Cornish Social Science Database: Feasibility Study Report (c.1990s) (2 copies)
- The Conservation Value of Metalliferous Mine Sites in Cornwall, Univeristy of Exeter & Cornwall Archaeological Unit, edited by N. Johnson, P. Payton & A. Spalding for the Derelict Land Advisory Panel (c.1990)
- Derelict Land Conference, 'Derelcit Land: A Challenge for Conservation and Community', organised by the Cornish Biological Records Unit in association with English Nature, 3 Nov 1994
- The Making of Modern Cornwall: Historical Experience and the Persistence of 'Difference', Philip Payton. Includes floppy disk.
- 'The Lands End: A Feasibility Study' by S. M Byrne, Research Fellow, ICS, 1979

Box 7
ICS Institutional Papers - Research Studies:
- 'Bodmin Moor: A Synoptic Study and Report on a Moorland Area' by Carolyn Brewster, Research Fellow, ICS, Oct 1975
- Funerals for the Officers, Arrack for the Men, John Bruce Lamb, no date (c.1970s)
- A Review of the Literature on the Superficial Deposits of Cornwall, C. French 1980
- Devolution in Practice: Report on the Isle of Man, Helena Charles, nd.
- The Social History of Religion, Alfred Jenkin
- Specimens of Ancient Cornish Crosses, Fonts, etc. Printed Manuscript, published by Netherton & Worth, Truro 1850.

- Cornwall, A Geography Resource Pack for Teachers, includes information on:
o Images of Cornwall
o Cornwall General
o Population
o Services
o Transport
o Case study - Second Tamar Crossing
o Case study - Retail Development
o Environment: the weather and its effects
o Environment: environmental management - wind farms

Correspondence from the London Cornish Association and the Institute of Cornish Studies: (Possible Data Protection Closures)
o Letter to Philip Payton regarding award in memory of Paul Smales from Richard Bowden-Dan 1 Jan 1995
o Letter to Philip Payton from Richard Bowden-Dan regarding missing the next association circular deadline and Campaign for Cornwall 19 Mar 1994
o Letter to Philip Payton regarding changes to standing orders for London Cornish Association membership. Includes hand written note asking for current subscription rates for members who do not live in London, Feb 1994
o Letter to Philip Payton from Richard Bowden-Dan regarding Paul Smales award and if he knew anyone who would qualify for the award 27 Jan 1994 (2 copies)
o Letter to Philip Payton from Richard Bowden-Dan regarding 'Map Kernow' and enclosing letters of Betty Eggleton regarding the Cornish World Wide Conference at Perranporth 22-27 Apr 1992
o Letter to Philip Payton from Richard Bowden-Dan regarding the Perranporth Conference, 29 Feb 1992
o Letter to Philip Payton from Richard Bowden-Dan regarding contributions to conference, 10 Dec 1991
o Vision Statement from Cornish America Heritage Society to Philip Payton 15 Mar 1994
o Notes from meeting at An Gernyk, St Hilary regarding Cornish Worldwide 20 Feb 1993
o Dear Associate letter regarding the Caroline L Kemp Scholarships and annual lecture series. Also attached the signed attendance form from Miss E.M. King. 12 Aug 1986
o John Rowe Lecture expenditure list 1990
o Cornish World Wide Lecture attendance form
o Book order form, from Miss Jo Park, 1988 (Address attached)
o Book order form, from Mr Henry Blackwell, 1988 (Address attached)
o Book order form, from Mr L.B. Ward, 1988 (Address attached)
o Note of Cornish Worldwide day 9 Sept, with list of four names and addresses
o Letter 'Dear Cornish friends worldwide' from Dr Myrna Harris, Secretary, regarding the Cornish Worldwide meeting on 10 Sept 1988
o Flyer advertising 'The Cornish Worldwide Lecture' by Dr John Rowe, 25 Aug 1990 (2 copies)
o Poster advertising 'The Cornish Worldwide Lecture' by Dr John Rowe, 25 Aug 1990 (2 copies)
o Article on Cornish Worldwide not being 'another Cornish Organisation' 1991
o Letter from Richard Bowden-Dan to Dr Todd Gray regarding Cornish Worldwide lecture
o Letter to Philip Payton regarding Cornish Worldwide and the ICS being under staffed
o Celtic Conference expenditure invoice 28 Sept 1990
o Letter from the federation of Old Cornwall Societies addressed to 'Charles' [Thomas] attached is a copy of his address on the 'Cornish Revival' 23 Apr 1963
Admin HistoryThe Institute of Cornish Studies (ICS) was founded in 1971 'as a unique collaborative venture between the then Cornwall County Council and the University of Exeter'. The Institute's first Director, Charles Thomas, developed research projects relating to Cornwall's past, present and future including themes of archaeology, botany, oral history, politics and language.

In 1991, Philip Payton, historian and political scientist became Head of ICS and developed the New Cornish Studies journal. The Institute's focus also developed at this time to cover Cornwall since the 18th century, migration, tourism and ethnic identity. When Payton retired, Garry Tregidga became Director and there was a renewed emphasis on Celtic studies, oral history and research projects which included the outreach programme 'Cornish Story'.

The Institute of Cornish Studies moved to its current site on Penryn Campus in 2004, having previously been based at various sites including Truro.

Today the Institute of Cornish Studies continues to bring together academic research in and about Cornwall. The Institute's research currently has four themes. Culture, Heritage and Society; Politics and Government; Economy and Business and Environment and Health, with the aim of sharing reseach findings with a wide audience both locally and nationally.

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