Person NameRowse; Alfred Leslie (1903-1997); historian, critic and author
ForenamesAlfred Leslie
Epithethistorian, critic and author
Activityhistorian, critic, diarist and author
EUL MS 291A L Rowse: ephemera collection
EUL MS 113Papers of A L Rowse: research, literary and personal manuscripts
EUL MS 286A L Rowse: papers compiled by Eric Glasgow
EUL MS 201Annotated copy of Froude book belonging to A L Rowse, amended c 1969
EUL MS 244Papers of A L Rowse: annotated Shakespeare plays and sonnets
EUL MS 289Letter from A L Rowse and letters from Eric Partridge to Daniel George
EUL MS 116A L Rowse: letters to David Grinnell
EUL MS 290Portrait of Charles Causley and photograph of Charles Causley, Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney
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