Person NameGale; Patrick (1958-)
FCP1/E/1/25'Fiction Round Up' Reviews for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/D/1/1/1The Dorchester: A History research notes
FCP1/A/7/2/5The Facts of Life: Chapter 12 draft typescript
FCP1/E/1/75Review of 'number9dream' by David Mitchell
FCP1/E/3/3Profile of James Bowman written for Harpers & Queen
FCP1/B/2/14/2A Slight Chill: typescript film treatment
FCP1/A/10/2/4A Sweet Obscurity: annotated typescript draft
FCP1/G/2/13Aunt Mary: a film treatment by Patrick Gale and Ian Sellar
FCP1/A/11/2/4Friendly Fire: Patrick Gale's notes on draft manuscript
FCP1/A/11/2/5Photocopy of Patricia Parkin's [editor] manuscript notes on Friendly Fire
FCP1/A/7/2/8Letter to Caradoc King regarding the progress of The Facts of Life
FCP1/A/9/4/3Rough Music: treatment for feature film
FCP1/A/3/2/2Letter to Eva Cossee at Veen publishers regarding the publication of the Dutch edition of 'Kansas in August'
FCP1/A/3/1/2Kansas in August: screenplay first draft
FCP1/F/4/2/1FOR CONVERSION-Head over Heels episodes 3 and 5
FCP1TEMP/69Letter regarding the possibility of transatlantic commissions
FCP1/A/10/2/8A Sweet Obscurity: photocopy notes on unknown draft from Patricia Parkin [editor]
FCP1/E/1/66Review of 'The Immaculate Deception' by Ian Pears
FCP1/A/9/3/1FOR CONVERSION - Sky One Book Show interview re Rough Music
FCP1/B/2/2/2Ceasar's Wife: draft typescript Chapters 8-12
FCP1/A/3/1/1Letter [to Rod Hall, screen agent at A P Watt] regarding film option of 'Kansas in August'
FCP1/E/1/6Review of 'Gary' by Brian Masters written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/B/2/14/4A Slight Chill: screenplay first draft
FCP1/E/1/55Review of 'Music and Silence' by Rose Tremain
FCP1/E/1/56Review of 'Errol Flynn: Satan's Angel' by David Brett
FCP1/E/1/28Review of 'The Early Firbank' edited by Steven Moore for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/54Review of 'The Mistress' by Victoria Griffin
FCP1/E/1/16Review of 'Ready to Catch Him Should He Fall' by Neil Bartlett
FCP1/E/1/11Review of 'Lies of Silence' by Brian Moore written for Marie Claire
FCP1/F/4/1/5Head Over Heels: draft script for Series Two, Episode Four, Part Two
FCP1/A/10/3/2A Sweet Obscurity: draft paperback book jacket showing front cover only
FCP1/D/1/2//5Romantic Weekends at The Dorchester: typescript drafts
FCP1/E/1/57Review of 'The Married Man' by Edmund White
FCP1/E/1/76Review of 'Deadkidsongs' by Toby Litt
FCP1/E/1/52Review of 'The Jukebox Queen of Malta' by Nicholas Rinaldi and 'The Fall of a Sparrow' by Robert Hellenga
FCP1/E/1/40Review of 'Fucking Martin' by Dale Peck, written for Gay Times
FCP1/E/1/47Books of the Year 1999
FCP1/E/1/30Books of the Year Review written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/A/13/2/5The Whole Day Through: email from Patricia Parkin
FCP1/B/2/15Dream Lover
FCP1/E/1/77Review of 'Sputnik Sweetheart' by Haruki Murakami
FCP1/A/7/2/4The Facts of Life: typescript annotated draft of opening chapter
FCP1/A/7/2/3The Facts of Life: typescript chapter outline [part]
FCP1/A/7/2/9Letter to Caradoc King regarding his response to the early version of The Facts of Life
FCP1/B/2/13Saving Space: draft short story
FCP1/A/10/1/1Research materials on cherubism
FCP1/F/4/1/6Head Over Heels: draft script for Series Two, Episode Four, part three
FCP1/A/9/3/4FOR CONVERSION Lynn Parsons Show BBC Radio 2
FCP1/G/2/1Aunt Mary: manuscript notes
FCP1/A/9/3/2FOR CONVERSION Inter Depaysage [French Radio]
FCP1/A/9/3/3FOR COPY Interview with John Frame, Queer Radio, 4zzz FM, Brisbane
FCP1TEMP/52Letters to Paul Tyler MP, John Patten, Secretary of State for Education and Michael Howard, Home Secretary
FCP1/B/2/1Childminding: annotated typescript short story
FCP1/A/11/3/1Draft book jackets - Friendly Fire
FCP1/A/3/1/8Faxed letter from Grace Hodge of DNA regarding Kansas in August screenplay
FCP1/A/5/3/1FOR CONVERSION LB Crown FM Jill Pyra Show and Kaleidoscope Review featuring Little Bits of Baby
FCP1/B/2/2/4Hardback book jacket - Secret Lives
FCP1/A/3/1/5Kansas in August: screenplay draft 5?
FCP1/A/3/1/9Faxed letter from DNA [likely to be Grace Hodge or Duncan Kennilworthy] regarding Kansas in August screenplay
FCP1/B/1/2/2Gentleman's Relish: Manuscript notes on individual stories by Patricia Parkin [editor]
FCP1/B/2/2/3Covering letter to Caradoc King regarding Ceasar's Wife
FCP1/A/10/2/6A Sweet Obscurity: Second typescript draft
FCP1/G/2/3Aunt Mary: draft film treatment by Patrick Gale and Ian Sellar
FCP1/A/3/1/4Kansas in August: screenplay draft 4
FCP1/A/5/3/2The Paladin Profile - Little Bits of Baby promotional material
FCP1/G/2/8Aunt Mary: fax correspondence between Patrick Gale, Ian Sellar and Toby Moorcroft of Carabosse Productions, regarding draft treatment
FCP1/G/2/5Aunt Mary: draft film treatment by Patrick Gale and Ian Sellar
FCP1/B/2/14/1A Slight Chill: typescript film treatment
FCP1/A/5/1/1Little Bits of Baby: two draft manuscript notebooks
FCP1/A/10/2/2A Sweet Obscurity: manuscript notebooks
FCP1/B/2/17Making Hay
FCP1TEMP/102'Motel America' travel book proposal
FCP1/G/2/12Aunt Mary: a film treatment by Patrick Gale and Ian Sellar
FCP1/A/6/1/2The Cat Sanctuary: incomplete typescript chapter outline
FCP1/A/11/2/3Friendly Fire: annotated table indicating chapter outline/novel stucture
FCP1/A/7/2/1The Facts of Life: draft manuscript notebooks
FCP1/G/4/1Bad Blood: outline for a horror comedy film
FCP1/E/3/7'Life Stories: Joan Crawford' written for Marie Claire
FCP1/A/9/1/2Rough Music: annotated chapter outline/structure of novel
FCP1/A/9/1/5Rough Music: final draft typescript
FCP1/A/6/1/1The Cat Sanctuary: manuscript notebook
FCP1/A/5/4/8Little Bits of Baby: four-part TV serial. Script for Episode One. Draft three
FCP1/A/5/4/6Little Bits of Baby: four-part TV serial. Script for Episode One. Draft two
FCP1/B/2/15/2FOR CONVERSION BBC Radio 4 - Stories from the Bath Festival - Dream Lover by Patrick Gale
FCP1/B/2/15/1Dream Lover: draft short story
FCP1/F/5/1/3Adam and Steve: treatment for Episode One
FCP1/B/2/14/7A Slight Chill: screenplay draft two
FCP1TEMP/87Advertisement for Audrey Williams Complete Catering Service written for ####
FCP1/B/2/20A Thousand Words: draft short story
FCP1/F/4/1/1Head over Heels: script for episode three 'All Shook Up'
FCP1/A/3/1/10Kansas in August: screenplay draft 11a?
FCP1/G/2/17Aunt Mary: screenplay revised first draft
FCP1/G/2/10Aunt Mary: a film treatment by Patrick Gale and Ian Sellar
FCP1/G/2/2Aunt Mary: annotated typescript notes on story outline
FCP1/G/2/14Aunt Mary: email from Ian Sellar outlining draft film treatment [incomplete]
FCP1/G/2/11Aunt Mary: a film treatment by Patrick Gale and Ian Sellar
FCP1/G/2/16Aunt Mary: fax from Angela Pope, Director, regarding notes on first draft of treatment
FCP1/E/1/34'Fiction Round Up' Reviews for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/B/2/9Wheee!: draft short story
FCP1/E/1/87Review of 'Shamrock Tea' by Ciaran Carson
FCP1/E/1/60Review of 'The Night Listener' by Armistead Maupin
FCP1/E/1/53Review of 'The Book of Revelation' by Rupert Thompson
FCP1/E/2/5Profile of the College of Arms written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/F/5/1/2Adam and Steve: character outlines
FCP1/E/1/74Review of 'A Painted House' by John Grisham
FCP1/B/2/19Sounding Brass: draft short story
FCP1/E/1/51Review of 'The Blackwater Lightship' by Colm Toibin
FCP1/B/2/21/2Cookery: draft short story
FCP1/E/2/14/1Letter concerning a potential article on C H B Kitchin
FCP1/F/5/2/1Script for Adam and Steve Episode One: Don't Leave Me This Way
FCP1/E/1/24Review of 'A Matter of Life and Sex' by Alec F Moran for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/2/2Article on William Cooper and Harry Hoff written for Harpers & Queen
FCP1/E/3/2'Life Stories: Bette Davis' written for Marie Claire
FCP1/B/2/14/8A Slight Chill: incoming correspondence from Tracy Hoffman, Screenages Pictures Ltd
FCP1/D/1/2/1The Dorchester: A History Chapter list
FCP1/A/10/2/9A Sweet Obscurity: final typescript draft
FCP1/G/5/4Think of England: outline based on meeting 12 Oct 2001
FCP1TEMP/24Letter to accountant Nitin Raja including details of Patrick Gale's career and current work activities
FCP1/A/9/4/5Rough Music: typsecript screenplay revised first draft
FCP1/G/2/6Aunt Mary: draft film treatment by Patrick Gale and Ian Sellar
FCP1/B/2/16Mud and Moonshine: draft short story
FCP1/A/12/1/1Notes from an Exhibition: manuscript letter from Elizabeth Anderson
FCP1/A/13/2/4The Whole Day Through: second draft typescript with Patricia Parkin [editor]'s annotations
FCP1/B/2/14/6A Slight Chill: typescript notes on screenplay first draft by Tracey Hoffman, Screenage Pictures
FCP1/B/2/4/2Wig - readers version short story
FCP1/B/2/18Obedience: draft short story
FCP1/B/2/6Old Boys: draft short story
FCP1/A/13/2/3The Whole Day Through: second draft typescript
FCP1/B/2/14/5A Slight Chill: typescript notes on screenplay first draft
FCP1/A/12/1/7Notes from an Exhibition: Research materials on Bi-polar disease
FCP1/B/2/4/1Wig: draft short story
FCP1/B/2/11Choking short story: draft short story
FCP1/A/12/4/1FOR CONVERSION- Notes from an Exhibition: Patrick Gale appearance on Channel Four's Richard and Judy Book Club
FCP1/E/1/61Review of 'Love, Etc.' by Julian Barnes
FCP1/E/2/13Article 'Reading' for unknown publication
FCP1/E/1/84Books Of The Year 2001
FCP1/E/1/50Review 'Book of the Century'
FCP1/E/1/68Books of the Year 2000
FCP1/E/2/1Article on Julia MacKenzie written for Marie Claire
FCP1/E/1/83Review of 'Final Demand' by Deborah Moggach
FCP1/E/1/72Review of 'The Death of Vishnu' by Manil Suri
FCP1/E/1/71Review of 'Dark Inheritance' by Elaine Feinstein
FCP1/E/2/10Article 'Stones of Law' for unknown publication
FCP1/E/3/10Profile of Grace Kelly written for Marie Claire
FCP1/G/5/6Think of England: First Draft
FCP1/E/2/12Article 'Writing the child' for unknown publication
FCP1/E/1/86Review of 'Astraea' by Jane Stevenson
FCP1/E/1/85Review of 'Rebecca's Tale' by Sally Beauman
FCP1/E/1/73Review of 'Fairness' by Ferdinand Mount
FCP1/E/2/8Article 'Death to Death in Venice' written for Gay Times
FCP1/E/3/12Profile of David Gockley written for Houston Grand Opera
FCP1/E/3/8Profile of author Firdus Kanga for Gay Times
FCP1/E/1/64Review of 'Burt Lancaster, an American Life' by Kate Buford
FCP1/F/4/1/2Head over Heels: script for episode five 'The Great Pretender'
FCP1/E/1/62Review of 'Evil Spirits, the life of Oliver Reed' by Cliff Goodwin
FCP1/E/1/79Review of 'Nineteen Twenty-One' by Adam Thorpe
FCP1/E/1/65Review of 'Martha Peake' by Patrick McGrath
FCP1/E/3/9Profile of Lauren Bacall written for Marie Claire
FCP1/A/5/4/2Little Bits of Baby: Scene by scene breakdown for three part adaptation
FCP1/A/12/2/7Notes from an Exhibition: revised chapter order
FCP1/A/12/3/1Notes from an Exhibition: hardback book jacket
FCP1/B/1/1/1Dangerous Pleasures: draft typescript
FCP1/B/2/2/1Caesar's Wife: draft typescript
FCP1/B/1/2/1Gentleman's Relish: first draft typescript
FCP1/B/2/14A Slight Chill
FCP1/A/12/2/8Notes from an Exhibition - notes on framing device (exhibition captions)
FCP1/A/12/2/9Notes from an Exhibition: Copy editing notes on Quaker material
FCP1/D/1/2/2Dorchester Banqueting Brochure typescript draft
FCP1/A/12/2/1Notes from an Exhibition: manuscript notebook
FCP1/A/12/2/4Notes from an Exhibition: manuscript suggestions for illustrations
FCP1/A/12/2/5Notes from an Exhibition: annotated typescript draft
FCP1/A/9/4/4Rough Music: typsecript screenplay first draft with annotations
FCP1/G/2/4Aunt Mary: copy of letter to Ian Sellar regarding treatment
FCP1/B/2/2Ceasar's Wife: novella
FCP1/G/2/15Aunt Mary: screenplay first draft
FCP1/G/2/9Aunt Mary: a film treatment by Patrick Gale and Ian Sellar
FCP1/G/5/1Think of England: draft treatment foreword and character synopsis
FCP1/C/1/1/1Transcript of interview with Armistead Maupin (part)
FCP1TEMP/75Letter [to William Shakespeare at The Daily Telegraph] regarding the possibility of additional review work
FCP1TEMP/159FOR CONVERSION - Patrick Gale on travel show discussion North Cornwall coastline
FCP1/A/3/1/3Kansas in August: screenplay 3rd draft
FCP1TEMP/167FOR CONVERSION Radio Gala interview [New Zealand]
FCP1/C/1/3/1FOR CONVERSION - ICA Interview - Armistead Maupin with by Patrick Gale
FCP1/A/9/2/1Book jacket - Chronique d'un ete [Rough Music French Language version]
FCP1/A/10/3/3A Sweet Obscurity: paperback book jacket
FCP1/A/3/1/7Kansas in August: screenplay draft 9?
FCP1/A/13/2/2The Whole Day Through: first typescript draft with annotations
FCP1/A/11/2/2Friendly Fire: annotated typescript drafts
FCP1/A/12/2/2Notes from an Exhibition: manuscript notebook
FCP1/A/10/3/1A Sweet Obscurity: draft text for book jacket
FCP1/A/9/1/3Rough Music: incomplete plot summary
FCP1/A/6/2/2The Cat Sanctuary: draft treatment for a television serial
FCP1/A/3/1/11Kansas in August: screenplay draft 11b?
FCP1/A/5/4/1Little Bits of Baby: letter from Toby Moorcroft, The Really Useful Picture Company Limited, regarding TV serial
FCP1/A/12/1/3Notes from an Exhibition: email from novelist Barbara Gowdy regarding the accuracy of the Canadian chapters
FCP1/E/1/12Review of 'Sure of You' by Armistead Maupin written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/A/10/2/1A Sweet Obscurity: plot and character outline
FCP1/E/1/5Review of 'Wildlife' by Richard Ford written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/B/2/8The List short story: draft short story
FCP1/B/2/10Paint: draft short story
FCP1/G/1/1Wealth: typescript draft filmscript
FCP1/G/5/5Think of England: notes on treatment
FCP1/F/4/1/3Head Over Heels: draft script for Series Two Episode Two
FCP1/G/5/2Think of England: revised treatment
FCP1/B/2/17/1Making Hay: draft short story
FCP1/B/2/14/3A Slight Chill: typescript film treatment
FCP1/B/2/21/1Cookery: draft short story
FCP1/F/2/3Absolutely Positively: photocopy of script for Episode One.
FCP1/E/1/27Review of 'Marilyn Monroe: The Biography' by Donald Spoto written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/15Review of 'Which of Us Two?' by Colin Spencer written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/41Review of 'The Robber Bride' by Margaret Atwood, written for Harpers & Queen
FCP1/E/1/63Review of 'In the Shape of a Boar' by Lawrence Norfolk
FCP1/E/1/78Review of 'Back when we were grownups' by Anne Tyler
FCP1/E/1/70Review of 'Get Happy, the Life of Judy Garland' by Gerald Clarke
FCP1/C/1/2/1Draft of introduction to Armistead Maupin biography
FCP1/A/5/2/1Letter from Patrick Gale [to the Editor at A P Dutton Ltd, New York] concerning the use of Beryl Cook paintings for the cover of 'Little Bits of Baby'
FCP1/A/4/1/1Promotional letter regarding 'Facing the Tank' from Patrick Gale to A P Watt and Son Ltd
FCP1/A/9/1/4Rough Music: draft typescript
FCP1/A/5/1/2Letter to Lisa [Eveleigh at A P Watt Ltd] regarding plot changes to the first manuscript of 'Little Bits of Baby'
FCP1/E/1/7Review of 'The Condition of Ice' by Christopher Burns written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/A/5/4/3Little Bits of Baby: three episode plot outline
FCP1/A/5/4/4Little Bits of Baby: Episode One Rewrite Outline
FCP1/A/5/4/5Little Bits of Baby: four-part TV serial. Script for Episode One. Draft One
FCP1/E/1/35'Fiction Round Up' Reviews for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/A/6/1/3The Cat Sanctuary: typescript Chapter 2
FCP1/A/7/1/1Postcard of A La Ronde, Exmouth
FCP1/A/12/3/2Notes from an Exhibition: draft paperback book jacket
FCP1/A/10/1/2Citizens Advice Bureau information sheet 'Rights and Responsibilites of Looking after Children'
FCP1/B/2/3Manuscript spiral notebook of short stories
FCP1/A/9/4/1Rough Music: treatment for feature film
FCP1/A/4/2/1Correspondence with Frank Heibert, translator, regarding German edition of Facing the Tank
FCP1/A/10/2/3A Sweet Obscurity: First typescript draft
FCP1/A/13/2/1The Whole Day Through: manuscript notebook
FCP1/E/1/19Reviews written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/A/3/1/6Kansas in August: screenplay draft 6
FCP1/A/12/1/2Notes from an Exhibition: internet research on hitchhiking from Brussels
FCP1/A/12/1/8Notes from an Exhibition: research materials on St Lawrence's Hospital, Bodmin, Cornwall
FCP1/A/12/1/6Notes from an Exhibition: page of manuscript notes
FCP1/B/2/12Other Men's Sweetness: draft short story
FCP1/C/2/1Letter to Helen Sprott [of unknown publisher] concerning the authorship of a biography of a musician
FCP1/H/1/1Without Whom: playscript
FCP1/E/1/45Review of 'Nanny and the Iceberg' by Ariel Dorfman
FCP1/A/12/2/6Notes from an Exhibition: annotated typescript notes on possible chapter order
FCP1/E/1/10Review of 'In the Days of the American Museum' by Robert Edric
FCP1/E/1/4Reviews of 'Chicago Loop' by Paul Theroux and 'The Buddha of Suburbia' by Hanif Kureishi written for Marie Claire
FCP1/E/1/58Review of 'Liberace, an American Boy' by Darden Asbury Pyron
FCP1/E/1/22Review of second hand books at The Bookshop, Launceston written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/13Review of 'An Immaculate Mistake' by Paul Bailey written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/44Review of 'James Miranda Barry' by Patricia Duncker and 'The Map of Love' by Ahdaf Soueif
FCP1/E/1/32Books of the Year - review written for Gay Times
FCP1/E/1/31Review of 'Black Dogs' by Ian McEwan written for Harpers & Queen
FCP1/E/1/38Review of 'Moonlight' by Harold Pinter at the Almedia Theatre and 'Arcadia' by Tom Stoppard by the Lyttleton Theatre
FCP1/E/1/37Review of 'Sugar Cane' by Paul Bailey written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/39Reviews of 'Masai Dreaming' by Justin Cartwright and 'Shear' by Tim Parks written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/36Fax to Peter Ayrton including review of 'The Laughter of Heroes' by Jonathan Neale
FCP1/E/1/67Reviews of 'The Houdini Girl' by Martyn Bedford and 'The Healer' by Greg Hollinshead
FCP1/E/1/42Reviews written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/29Reviews written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/69Reviews of 'Attrition' by Simon Lovat and 'The Linguist' by Sebastian Beaumont
FCP1/E/1/49Review of 'A Recipe for Bees' by Gail Anderson-Dargatz, 'The Vintner's Luck' by Elizabeth Knox, 'Children of Light' by Lucy English
FCP1/E/1/59Review of 'Bosie, an authobiography [sic] of Lord Alfred Douglas' by Douglas Murray
FCP1/E/1/48Reviews of 'Brando, a life in our times' by Richard Schickel
FCP1/E/1/43Reviews of 'Undue Influence' by Anita Brookner and 'Easy Silence' by Angela Huth
FCP1/E/1/1Review of 'Suddenly in Rome' by Max Davidson, 'That Night' by Alice Mcdermott and 'Sucking Sherbert Lemons' by Michael Carson
FCP1/E/1/14Review of 'Sure of You' by Armistead Maupin
FCP1/D/1/2/4Dining at The Dorchester: typescript draft
FCP1/E/1/46Review of 'The Ice People' by Maggie Gee
FCP1/D/1/2/3Dorchester The Boardroom Suite typescript draft
FCP1/E/1/17Review of 'A Home at the End of the World' by Michael Cunningham written for the Washington Post
FCP1/E/1/3Reviews written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/18'Paperback round-up' Reviews written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/26'Fiction Round Up' Reviews for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/80Review of 'Callas her life, her loves, her music' by Anne Edwards
FCP1/E/1/81Review of 'The Evening of the World' by Allan Massie
FCP1/A/6/2/3The Cat Sanctuary: draft treatment for a television serial
FCP1/A/12/1/5Notes from an Exhibition: pencil notes taken by Patrick Gale during phone call with Barbara Gowdy regarding Canadian chapters
FCP1/A/12/2/3Notes from an Exhibition: manuscript table listing character ages/years throughout novel
FCP1/B/1/2/3Gentleman's Relish: second draft typescript
FCP1/B/2/5Dangerous Pleasures: draft short story
FCP1/E/2/4'Gwenda and the Scouts' article on literary scouts written for Harpers & Queen
FCP1/E/2/9Article 'The importance of good references' for unknown publication
FCP1/E/3/11Profile of Vivien Leigh written for Marie Claire
FCP1/E/3/4Profile of Paul Godfrey written for Harpers & Queen
FCP1/E/3/1Profile of Michael Cunningham written for Gay Times
FCP1/E/3/5'Life Stories: Montgomery Clift' written for Marie Claire
FCP1/E/2/11Article 'The Triumph of the Ordinary' for unknown publication
FCP1/E/3/6'Life Stories: The Duchess of Windsor' written for Marie Claire
FCP1/E/3/13Profile of Armistead Maupin written for Gay Times
FCP1/E/3/14Profile of Barbara Hutton written for Marie Claire
FCP1/F/5/1/1Adam and Steve: ideas for a sitcom and character outlines
FCP1/F/2/2Absolutely Positively: draft typescript of Episode One
FCP1/F/2Absolutely Positively
FCP1/F/4/1/4Head over Heels: draft script for Series Two, Episode Three
FCP1/F/4/1/7Head Over Heels: draft script for Series Two Episode Six
FCP1/E/4/2Reviews of 'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice and 'Angels in America', Cottesloe Theatre
FCP1/G/5/3Think of England: one page revised draft treatment
FCP1/F/1/1Meanwhile: typescript sitcom proposal
FCP1/F/3/1Kingdom: detailed character synopsis and plot details
FCP1/E/1/8Review of 'The Gardener' by David Pownell written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/A/1/1TV Adaptation
FCP1/G/4Bad Blood
FCP1/B/2/17/2FOR CONVERSION Making Hay - short story Hay Festival Radio 4
FCP1/A/12/2/10Notes from an Exhibition: Email containing copy editing queries from Richard Betts, freelance copy editor with Fourth Estate
FCP1/F/4/3/1Head Over Heels: outgoing correspondence with Brian Eastman of Carnival films regarding Series Two
FCP1/A/1The Aerodynamics of Pork
FCP1/A/1/1/1Letter from Patrick Gale concerning adaptation of The Aerodynamics of Pork for television
FCP1/G/2/7Aunt Mary: annotated draft film treatment by Patrick Gale and Ian Sellar
FCP1/A/1/1/2Letter from Patrick Gale to Rod [Hall, screen agent at A P Watt] regarding the possibile adaptation of 'Aerodynamics of Pork' for television
FCP1/A/3/1/12Kansas in August: screenplay draft 11c?
FCP1/A/3/1/13Kansas in August: screenplay draft 12
FCP1/A/3/2/1Letter to Ms Pear regarding biographical sketch [likely to be for guide to modern authors]
FCP1/A/4Facing the Tank
FCP1/A/5/4/7Little Bits of Baby: four-part TV serial. Script for Episode One: revised draft two
FCP1/A/6/1/4The Cat Sanctuary: typescript Chapter 41
FCP1/A/6/1/5The Cat Sanctuary: typescript titles and dedication
FCP1/A/6/2/1The Cat Sanctuary: treatment for a television serial in three episodes
FCP1/A/6/2/4The Cat Sanctuary: draft treatment and synopsis for television serial
FCP1/A/7/2/2The Facts of Life: typescript plot outline
FCP1/A/7/2/6The Facts of Life: Chapter 14 draft typescript
FCP1/A/7/2/7The Facts of Life: Chapter 16 draft typescript
FCP1/A/7/3/1FOR CONVERSION-Book Communications - Live Literature training project Warwick Arts Centre
FCP1/A/9/4/2Rough Music: script notes
FCP1/A/10/2/5A Sweet Obscurity: typescript amendments to first draft
FCP1/A/10/2/7A Sweet Obscurity: typescript amendments to second draft
FCP1/B/2/7Borneo short story: draft short story
FCP1/D/1/2/6Captions for brochure on The Dorchester Hotel with covering fax
FCP1/E/1/2'Books of the Year' written for Gay Times
FCP1/E/1/9Reviews written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/20'Paperback round-up' Reviews written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/21'Paperback round-up' Reviews written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/23'Paperback round-up' Reviews written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/33Showbiz Books Round-up written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/1/82Reviews of 'The Stone Carvers' by Jane Urquhart and 'Mercy among the Children' by David Adams Richards
FCP1/E/2/3Feature article on residential driving course in Rhos-on-Sea written for The Daily Telegraph
FCP1/E/2/6Article: 'Patrick Gale's Favourite Word: CHOCOLATE'
FCP1/E/2/7'Travels with my Translator' article written for Gay Times
FCP1/E/2/14/2Letter concerning a potential expose article on Hill House School
FCP1/E/3/15Shooting Down Hypocrisy - Profile of Armistead Maupin written for Hot Air
FCP1/E/4/1Reviews of classical music recordings for the BBC Music Magazine
FCP1/F/2/1Covering letter for treatment and first episode of Absolutely Positively
FCP1/F/3/2Kingdom: story outline for television series
FCP1/G/3/1The Knot Garden: treatment for a feature film, Draft One
FCP1/G/3/2The Knot Garden: treatment for a feature film, Draft Two
FCP1/G/3/3The Knot Garden: treatment for a feature film, Draft Three
FCP1/G/3/4The Knot Garden: treatment for a feature film, Draft Four
FCP1/G/3/5The Knot Garden: treatment for a feature film, Draft Five
FCP1/A/8/1/1Tree Surgery for Beginners: draft manuscript notebooks
FCP1Manuscript and unpublished works of Patrick Gale - Cataloguing in progress please contact for details
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