Person NameDuncan; Ronald Frederick Henry (1914-1982); author, poet and librettist
ForenamesRonald Frederick Henry
Epithetauthor, poet and librettist
Activityauthor, poet and librettist
RelationshipsMarried to Rose Marie Duncan. Daughter Briony Lawson (nee Duncan) and Son Roger Duncan. Father Reginald Dunkelsbuhler and Mother Ethel Dunkelsbuhler (nee Cannon, later angliscised to Duncan). Sister Bianca Duncan.
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EUL MS 397/11/3/1/6'3' & '4'
EUL MS 397/12/5Index of contacts
EUL MS 397/11/3/1Interviews between Ronald Duncan and Hermann Bondi
EUL MS 397/11/3/6/3'RM Side 4'
EUL MS 397/11/3/6/6'RM auto 10 & 11'
EUL MS 397/11/3/10'Glasser'
EUL MS 397/11/5/1'Harewood No 1 & 2'
EUL MS 397/11/5/9Harewood 17 & 18
EUL MS 397/11/5/4'Harewood 7 & 8'
EUL MS 397/11/5/7'Harewood 11 & 12'
EUL MS 397/11/5/3'Harewood 5 & 6'
EUL MS 397/11/5/5'Harewood 8 Edinburgh'
EUL MS 397/11/5/6'Harewood 9 & 10'
EUL MS 397/12/4/3Rebel Press receipt book
EUL MS 397/11/5/10Harewood 19 & 20
EUL MS 397/11/5/12Harewood 23 & 24
EUL MS 397/12/9'R. F. H. Duncan Esq Re: Elephant Press (Lord Elliot)'
EUL MS 397/11/2/17'Judas'
EUL MS 397/11/2/10Reel 13
EUL MS 397/11/2/15Ronald Duncan reading Solitudes
EUL MS 397/11/2/5Reel 5
EUL MS 397/11/2/18Tape of recorded songs
EUL MS 397/15/5Family papers
EUL MS 397/18/7Programme for performance of the English Opera Group at the V&A Museum
EUL MS 397/15/4Notebooks
EUL MS 397/3/5'Abelard and Heloise'
EUL MS 397/3/9'The Seven Deadly Virtues'
EUL MS 397/15/1/32Bianca Duncan's diaries and notebook
EUL MS 397/4/8The Encyclopaedia of Ignorance
EUL MS 397/15/1/27Diary of a Poem
EUL MS 397/18/3/2Gallery exhibitions
EUL MS 397/14/7Schubert
EUL MS 397/14/1/3C
EUL MS 397/12/1/2'Contracts (from Mallow Cottage)'
EUL MS 397/12/1/1'Old Contracts'
EUL MS 397/15/8/17Recipe for Gingerbread
EUL MS 397/14/20/11Letter from Elizabethan Theatre Ensemble Ltd to Ronald Duncan
EUL MS 397/12/8/5'Mr. R.F.H. Duncan : Documents relating to Docton, Mill, Hartland'
EUL MS 397/15/8/3'The Poetic Theories of Ronald Duncan'
EUL MS 397/12/6/3First Annual Report
EUL MS 397/13/5/1/6Cuttings album
EUL MS 397/12/8/1/1'Duncan Mr R.F.H & Duncan Miss B.P: Collection of Mortgage Interests'
EUL MS 397/12/3Completed order forms
EUL MS 397/12/4/2Rebel Press receipt book
EUL MS 397/12/2/2Correspondence
EUL MS 397/12/8/2'Mr. R.F.H. Duncan re: Purchase of Home Farm, Welcombe, Devon'
EUL MS 397/12/8/1/2'Mr. R.F.H. Duncan re: Sale of Home Farm, Welcombe, Devon
EUL MS 397/12/10/4'Lloyds R.B.H.S Agency'
EUL MS 397/14/1Miscellaneous correspondence [alphabetically by surname]
EUL MS 397/15Personal papers
EUL MS 397/14/6Encyclopaedia of Ignorance vol. III & IV
EUL MS 397/13/1/6Undated
EUL MS 397/14/1/17Q
EUL MS 397/13/4Invitations and Flyers
EUL MS 397/12/10Financial papers
EUL MS 397/12/10/1Accounts and correspondence relating to the Ronald Duncan Literary Foundation
EUL MS 397/12/10/3Records of assets held with Laurence, Prust & Co
EUL MS 397/12/10/2Records of assets held with Lloyd's bank
EUL MS 397/14/20/2Letter from George Murcell to Ronald Duncan
EUL MS 397/13/2Posters
EUL MS 397/12/10/5Miscellaneous financial papers
EUL MS 397/14/1/6F
EUL MS 397/15/1/171971
EUL MS 397/15/3Address book
EUL MS 397/15/2Address book
EUL MS 397/15/4/3Memo book
EUL MS 397/15/4/2Notebook
EUL MS 397/15/4/5Notebook
EUL MS 397/15/4/4Notebook
EUL MS 397/15/1/51959
EUL MS 397/15/1/61960
EUL MS 397/15/1/71961
EUL MS 397/3/14Script report on 'Comedy of Lovers'
EUL MS 397/15/1/81962
EUL MS 397/15/1/191976
EUL MS 397/15/4/1'The Last Story'
EUL MS 397/15/1/211978
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EUL MS 397/15/1/201977
EUL MS 397/15/1/221980
EUL MS 397/15/1/24Five Year Diary
EUL MS 397/15/1/25Sunday Telegraph Diary
EUL MS 397/15/1Diaries
EUL MS 397/4/25/1Regular columns
EUL MS 397/2/3/1Manuscript poems from 'The Solitudes'
EUL MS 397/15/6Personal effects
EUL MS 397/15/8/1Reginald J. Dunkelsbuhler
EUL MS 397/15/5/1Membership certificate for Performing Right Society
EUL MS 397/17/3'Cambridge and Ezra Pound'
EUL MS 397/18/1Diaries
EUL MS 397/15/5/16Briony Duncan's school report
EUL MS 397/15/5/10Briony and Roger Duncan's school reports
EUL MS 397/15/5/15National Savings Stamp books
EUL MS 397/15/5/14Baptism Certificate
EUL MS 397/15/5/12Bianca Duncan's passport
EUL MS 397/18/3/2/2Woodstock Gallery 1975
EUL MS 397/17/1'Pull Down Thy Vanity'
EUL MS 397/15/1/32/21940
EUL MS 397/15/1/32/31943
EUL MS 397/15/1/32/4Notebook
EUL MS 397/15/5/17Family tree
EUL MS 397/15/5/11Ronald Duncan's passports
EUL MS 397/18/1/31942
EUL MS 397/12/10/6Accounts Book
EUL MS 397/15/8Mementos
EUL MS 397/18/8Draft extract from The Rape of Lucretia
EUL MS 397/11/1/2/1The Rape of Lucretia No.1 & 2
EUL MS 397/16/1Administrative papers
EUL MS 397/18/3/2/4Burton Art Gallery exhibition catalogue
EUL MS 397/16/3Research
EUL MS 397/16/5Oral histories
EUL MS 397/7/4/2Winthrop Rogers Edition of Choral Music for Festivals: A Hymn to the Virgin
EUL MS 397/18/1/22Holiday Diary - Vancouver
EUL MS 397/16/2Correspondence
EUL MS 397/16/6Material held in other institutions
EUL MS 397/18/1/41943
EUL MS 397/18/1/21941
EUL MS 397/16/9Material relating to Tom Eastwood
EUL MS 397/17David Stoker deposit
EUL MS 397/7/1/1Photocopies of score and libretto for 'Pacifist March'
EUL MS 397/16/10Material relating to John Reid
EUL MS 397/18/3/4Dust jacket for 'The Darkening Meridian'
EUL MS 397/7/1/5'Amo Ergo Sum'
EUL MS 397/7/1/5/1Letter to [Benjamin Britten] containing draft of 'Amo Ergo Sum'
EUL MS 397/6/6/1'The Gift - Synopsis for a television play'
EUL MS 397/4/4Classical Songs for Children
EUL MS 397/6/1/6'Index of Dates re Gandhi'
EUL MS 397/4/6Who Wrote Hamlet?
EUL MS 397/5/10'2 sets of proofs - The Tale of Tails'
EUL MS 397/1/19'Mr & Mrs Mouse & Daffodil & Rose'
EUL MS 397/5/13'2 sets of unmarked proofs of the "Selected Poems by Ronald Duncan" (edt. Rodney Blumer)'
EUL MS 397/7/1/4Rape of Lucretia
EUL MS 397/6/14'Duet'
EUL MS 397/1/28Sketchbook of poems
EUL MS 397/6/1/2'First Synopsis for Gandhi'
EUL MS 397/5/15'5 sets of unmarked proofs of AUSCHWITZ'
EUL MS 397/7/1/3'This Way to the Tomb'
EUL MS 397/1/33'Last Lyrics'
EUL MS 397/1/18'Canadian Journal 68 & 69'
EUL MS 397/4/25/62/35'The Baronet'
EUL MS 397/1/1/5Man Part V
EUL MS 397/14/2Family correspondence
EUL MS 397/14/1/4D
EUL MS 397/14/21Working With Britten
EUL MS 397/14/1/8H
EUL MS 397/14/1/18R
EUL MS 397/4/1/2Volume Two
EUL MS 397/4/1/1Volume One
EUL MS 397/5/1'This Way to the Tomb Corrected Proof'
EUL MS 397/5/8Corrected proof of 'The Trojan Women'
EUL MS 397/4/13Hermann Bondi book
EUL MS 397/4/17Critics Gaffes
EUL MS 397/6/2/2'The Janitor'
EUL MS 397/7/1/3/4Photocopies of 'This Way to the Tomb' scores
EUL MS 397/5/5Proofs for 'Judas'
EUL MS 397/5/2Two incomplete corrected proofs of 'Stratton'
EUL MS 397/5/7'Proof of Golden Horseshoe Ride'
EUL MS 397/5/12'Proofs of For the Few'
EUL MS 397/1/30'Fairy Story for Rose Marie'
EUL MS 397/6/4'The Urchin: a play for television'
EUL MS 397/1/53'The Rehearsal'
EUL MS 397/2/7/2'Prints of Original Drawings Ward etc'
EUL MS 397/3/5/1'Abelard and Heloise: A dramatic poem with music for Virginia'
EUL MS 397/5/4Proofs for 'The Rape of Lucretia'
EUL MS 397/5/18'Lenin'
EUL MS 397/6/5/6Excerpts from 'The Rebel'
EUL MS 397/6/19'TS 2 copies prologue for The White Devil by RD'
EUL MS 397/7/9/6'Means Test March'
EUL MS 397/6/13/1'Obsession: A Synopsis for a Film Script by Ronald Duncan'
EUL MS 397/5/20Proofs of an unknown book on Ronald Duncan
EUL MS 397/13/1/41970s
EUL MS 397/7/9/5'Means Test March'
EUL MS 397/14/21/1Correspondence concerning 'Working With Britten'
EUL MS 397/14/20/18Draft manifestos of the Elizabethan Theatre Ensemble Ltd
EUL MS 397/15/8/16Birth Announcement for Karina Lawson
EUL MS 397/12/10/7Estate finances
EUL MS 397/15/8/9Postcards of Delhi
EUL MS 397/15/8/10'Yeast'
EUL MS 397/15/8/11Photographic contact sheets of sketches
EUL MS 397/15/8/12'Female Nude'
EUL MS 397/15/8/13'The 12-48'
EUL MS 397/15/8/14'Sketch for Vacuum Hot Water Cylinder'
EUL MS 397/15/8/15Service of Thanksgiving for Henry Williamson
EUL MS 397/15/8/8Charicature of Ronald Duncan
EUL MS 397/14/1/26Unknown correspondents
EUL MS 397/3/1/7Set of costume designs for 'This Way to the Tomb'
EUL MS 397/4/1/4Unpublished volumes
EUL MS 397/3/13/10/2'Sloshed'
EUL MS 397/6/13/4'1st draft of Obsession: film synopsis & 1st treatment'
EUL MS 397/7/1/3/2'This Way to the Tomb S.A.T.B.'
EUL MS 397/7/2/3'Unpopular Songs'
EUL MS 397/7/3/5'Arthur Oldham's songs for original production of "Our Lady's Tumbler"'
EUL MS 397/11/3/7Recording of 'Man' and unknown opera
EUL MS 397/11Audio recordings
EUL MS 397/11/2/2Reel 2
EUL MS 397/11/2/11Reel 14
EUL MS 397/11/2/19Tape of recorded songs
EUL MS 397/11/3/1/4'No 7 Bondi/RD'
EUL MS 397/11/3/13I Know What I Like
EUL MS 397/11/5/8Harewood 15 & 16
EUL MS 397/11/5/11Harewood 21 & 22
EUL MS 397/12/4/1'Literary Receipts & List of articles written'
EUL MS 397/12/6/1Correspondence
EUL MS 397/13/1Programmes
EUL MS 397/13/1/31960s
EUL MS 397/13/5Press Cuttings
EUL MS 397/14/1/2B
EUL MS 397/14/1/12L
EUL MS 397/14/1/19S
EUL MS 397/14/3Letters of rejection
EUL MS 397/18/2/2Family correspondence
EUL MS 397/18/2/3Personal correspondence
EUL MS 397/16Ronald Duncan Literary Foundation
EUL MS 397/18Rose Marie Duncan Collection
EUL MS 397/2/5'Man'
EUL MS 397/5/9'Man Part I Proof'
EUL MS 397/1/6'Schubert' workbooks
EUL MS 397/1/1'Man' Workbooks
EUL MS 397/1/2Autobiographical workbooks
EUL MS 397/4/1/3Volume Three
EUL MS 397/2/10/1Unpublished manuscripts
EUL MS 397/2/8'Collected Poems'
EUL MS 397/2Poetic Works
EUL MS 397Ronald Duncan Collection
EUL MS 397/4/23Short stories
EUL MS 397/4/24Fairy stories
EUL MS 397/7/5'Lament for Ben'
EUL MS 397/5/17Proofs of 'Collected Poems'
EUL MS 397/11/5Harewood Tapes
EUL MS 397/6/1'Ghandi' [Sic]
EUL MS 397/6/5/4Draft libretto excerpts from 'The Rebel'
EUL MS 397/7/1/3/6'The Red Fox, The Sun'
EUL MS 397/7/2/5'Hymn of Dedication by Barry Ferguson'
EUL MS 397/7/1/4/1/2'The Flower Song'
EUL MS 397/7/1/5/2Score for 'A Wedding Anthem (Amo Ergo Sum)'
EUL MS 397/7/1Collaborations between Benjamin Britten and Ronald Duncan
EUL MS 397/7/2Musical adaptations of Ronald Duncan's work
EUL MS 397/7/4Published Benjamin Britten Scores
EUL MS 397/10Photographs
EUL MS 397/11/2Reel to reel audio tapes
EUL MS 397/11/3/8Stratton
EUL MS 397/11/1/4'Prologue + Pre-soliloquy'
EUL MS 397/11/1/5'Stratton - Prologue'
EUL MS 397/11/1/6'Stratton - Funeral March'
EUL MS 397/12/7English Stage Company
EUL MS 397/4/25Articles, reviews and essays
EUL MS 397/6Work for Film, Television and Radio
EUL MS 397/9Book Collection
EUL MS 397/8Publications
EUL MS 397/18/11Autobiographical recording
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