Person NameSyon Abbey; 1415-2011; Bridgettine
Corporate NameSyon Abbey
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/36Copy will
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/49Renewal of the vow of profession of Mary Gertrude Allison
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/8Vow of profession of Mary Green
EUL MS 389/SPI/2/6Material relating to the order for jubilee ceremonies
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/6Will
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/29Vow of profession of Teresa Forest
EUL MS 389/ADM/4Rotas
EUL MS 389/RUL/3Material relating to the constitutions of Syon Abbey
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/11Vow of profession of Ellen Lawley
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/3/4Correspondence with Birgittakloster in Altomünster, Germany
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/18/3Correspondence with Casa Santa Birgitta, Lugano, Switzerland
EUL MS 389/HOU/6/2Typescript unbound copy of 'St Mary of Altomunster or The Temple and Monastery of St Alto'
EUL MS 389/HOU/7Material relating to Birgittinessenabdij Maria Hart in Weert, Netherlands
EUL MS 389/HOU/10/2Sketch of a floor plan of Casa di Santa Brigida (Piazza Farnese)
EUL MS 389/PERS/FOSTERPersonal papers of Sister Mary Aloysius Foster
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/11Account book entitled 'Day Book from Jan: 1898 to Apr 1907'
EUL MS 389/LIB/7Correspondence concerning Syon manuscripts, the library and the archive.
EUL MS 389/COMCommunity
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/22Photograph album
EUL MS 389/SPI/2/3Material relating to the order of ceremonies for novices
EUL MS 389/PUBSyon Abbey publications and printed matter
EUL MS 389/HOU/2Letters relating to Mother Elizabeth Hesselblad
EUL MS 389/ADM/3/15Rota of sisters' duties during the Divine Service, 1930-1949
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/35Document of Pope Benedict XIII regarding the election of an abbess
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/59Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/53Will
EUL MS 389/CHAR/2/5Typescript transcript and translation of the Refoundation Charter
EUL MS 389/HOU/8/1Souvenir publication entitled 'Come Let Us Adore 1937-1962', printed on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the community
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/56Will
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/3Vow of profession of Joseph Jenkinson
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/4Document of Pope Gregory XIII addressed to Brother Thomas Willano
EUL MS 389/SPI/2/2Material relating to the order of clothing ceremonies
EUL MS 389/PA/3/2/3Document entitled 'Declaration of Trust of the funds of the Charity known as 'The Crusade of Prayer'' [photocopy]
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/6Birgittasystrarna in Djursholm, Sweden
EUL MS 389/PA/1/2Membership register
EUL MS 389/PUB/1/9Account book embossed 'Ledger'
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/5Account book entitled 'Community's account-Book from Jan: 1st 1868 to Dec: 30th 1877'
EUL MS 389/HOU/2/10Letter
EUL MS 389/PA/2/1Membership register
EUL MS 389/SPI/6Notes on spiritual matters
EUL MS 389/SPI/2/7Assorted ceremonies
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/41Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/26Will
EUL MS 389/PA/3/1/4Membership register
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/12Will
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/14Account book embossed 'Address Book'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/10Vow of profession of Catherine Foster
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/28Photograph album
EUL MS 389/PA/3/1Membership registers
EUL MS 389/PA/2/2Aims and condiitions of admission to the association
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/34Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/SPI/7Liturgical and devotional objects
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/23Photograph album
EUL MS 389/PUB/2Pamphlets
EUL MS 389/HOU/11/1Document entitled 'Distribution d'Offices que la mère Abesse Maria Nieves de Saint-Augustin à fait, le 8 November 1886'
EUL MS 389/HOU/5/2Manuscript English translation of the Holy Rule followed by the Bridgettine community in Uden (First section)
EUL MS 389/PUB/3Postcards
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/62Will
EUL MS 389/PA/1/3Manuscript notes entitled 'The Rosary Confraternity'
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/2Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/1Executorship papers
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/18Account book embossed 'Journal'
EUL MS 389/RUL/1/2Manuscript and typescript copies of the rule
EUL MS 389/PROP/6/2Farm invoices for purchases and sales
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/23/2Correspondence with Monasterio de Monjas Brigidas in Lasarte, Spain
EUL MS 389/HOU/5/3Newspaper article entitled 'Leven in een Klooster'
EUL MS 389/PA/3/2/2Document entitled 'Declaration of Trust of the funds of the Charity known as 'The Crusade of Prayer'' [draft]
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/7Will
EUL MS 389/HOURelations with other Bridgettine houses
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/STAERKCorrespondence with Dom Antonio Staerk
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/BAINESCorrespondence with Peter Baines
EUL MS 389/PA/3/3/2Prayer card
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/4Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/45Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/45Document of the Nuncio for Portugal, Cardinal Luca Tempi, regarding a 100 days indulgence
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/47Document entitled 'Indulgences granted to this Convent by his Holyness Pope B. 14 [Benedict XIV]'
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/20Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/23Document of Pope Innocent XI granting an indulgence for the hour of death
EUL MS 389/HOU/10/1Manuscript notebook entitled 'Constitutions for Mother Elizabeth's Sisters - Rome 1935'
EUL MS 389/HOU/5/4Pamphlet
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/26/1Correspondence with Real Monasterio de Santa Brigida in Valladolid, Spain
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/2/3File labelled 'Statement of Community's accounts from Jan: 1911 to Dec: 1912'
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/16Will
EUL MS 389/REL/3/3Manuscript description of the Syon Monstrance
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/13Vow of profession of Anne Berington
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/38Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/11Will
EUL MS 389/HOU/6Material relating to Birgittakloster in Altomünster, Germany
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/8Vow of profession of Ursula Whiteside
EUL MS 389/HOU/6/1Notebook containing a typescript document of 1697 entitled 'Rubrics of the Bridgettine Breviary'
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/29Sankta Birgittas Kloster Pax Mariae in Vadstena, Sweden
EUL MS 389/LIB/5Material relating to the sale and purchase of Syon books and manuscripts
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/12 Account book embossed 'Day Book'
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/65Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/27Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/40Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/25Will
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/7Birgittinessenabdij Maria Hart in Weert, Netherlands
EUL MS 389/HOU/6/11Manuscript document entitled 'A Day in the Monastery of St Bridget: Maria Altomünster. 1915'
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/43/1Correspondence with The Bridgettine Convent in Iver Heath, England, UK
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/8Account book embossed 'Ledger'
EUL MS 389/HOU/3/3Carbon copy of a document entitled 'Statutes of the Federation of the Monasteries of the St. Birgit Order'
EUL MS 389/FIN/3/2Notebook recording the community's investments
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/51Will
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/2Account book entitled 'Day Book Lady Abbess'
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/4Account book
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/10Account book entitled 'Community accounts from Jan: 1897 to Dec: 1903'
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/31Document of Pope Clement XI granting a privilege of the high altar for the souls in purgatory
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/54Will
EUL MS 389/FIN/3/8Notebook entitled 'Investments. Syon Abbey. Community.'
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/37Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/13Document of Pope Innocent X granting a plenary indulgence for St Bridget's Day
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/37Document of Pope Benedict XIV granting a plenary indulgence
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/2Papers relating to general accounts
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/12Document of Pope Innocent X granting a privilege for the High Altar
EUL MS 389/FIN/4Payments
EUL MS 389/FIN/4/5Receipt book
EUL MS 389/CRE/4/4Typescript poem entitled 'Saint Thomas More, Martyr'
EUL MS 389/CRE/4/8Manuscript poem entitled 'Sedibus Coeli'
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/26Account book
EUL MS 389/HOU/10Material relating to the Casa di Santa Brigida (Piazza Farnese) in Rome, Italy
EUL MS 389/FIN/4/6Invoice for a gas fitting at Syon Abbey
EUL MS 389/FIN/4/7Invoice for emboidering
EUL MS 389/HOU/6/8Typescript notebook entitled 'Altomünster Holy Rule, Additions, Revelations & Elucidarius'
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/30Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/6Document of Canon Claude Sequart
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/45Villina S. Brigida in Rome (Via Aurelia), Italy
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/68Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/21Document of Pope Innocent XI granting a plenary indulgence for the hour of death
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/6Account book
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/44Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/35Copy will
EUL MS 389/FIN/5Taxation
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/3Account Book entitled 'Cash accts of Syon House'
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/7Account book
EUL MS 389/FIN/3/5Notebook entitled 'The Community's Investments'
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/9Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/57Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/33English translation of a document of Pope Clement XI granting a plenary indulgence for the hour of death
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/42Document of the Nuncio for Portugal, Archbishop Luca Tempi, granting leave for re-election of Winefred Hill as abbess
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/60Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/75Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/22English translation of a document of Pope Innocent XI regarding the visiting of altars
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/5Document of Bishop of Ross granting the community 'leave to dwell in secular houses if need be'
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/46Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/43Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/41Document of Pope Benedict XIV granting a plenary indulgence
EUL MS 389/PA/4/5Account book
EUL MS 389/FIN/3/7Notebook entitled 'List of Investments 1907 For the Community of Syon Abbey'
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/26Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/48Will
EUL MS 389/COR/1/2Bundles of correspondence, A-W
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/32Document of Pope Clement XI granting a plenary indulgence for the hour of death
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/28Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/27Document of Pope Innocent XII granting 100 pardons
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/14Document of Pope Innocent X granting a plenary indulgence
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/COUNCILCorrespondence from the Council of Ecclesiastical Superiors
EUL MS 389/LEG/3/7Letter relating to the legacy of Mrs L. M. Bailie
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/41Vow of profession of Mary Clare Butt
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/36Document of the Nuncio for Portugal, Archbishop Luca Tempi, regarding the election of Winefred Hill as abbess
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/55Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/1/4Notebook entitled 'Alphabetical List of the Syon Sisters & their obits'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/4Vow of profession of Brigitt Waldegrave
EUL MS 389/COM/2/3Book entitled 'The Register'
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/10Will
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/49Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/9Bridgettine Convent of Perpetual Adoration in Marikunnu, Calicut, India
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/23Account book
EUL MS 389/SPI/1/2Church notices books
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/39Certificate of death photocopy
EUL MS 389/LEG/3/8Papers relating to legacies
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/58Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/12Certificate of Registration of Death
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/WELDCorrespondence with Hugh D. Weld of St Hugh's Charterhouse, Horsham
EUL MS 389/PERS/HOLDENPersonal papers of Sister Mary Gabriel [Monica Elizabeth] Holden
EUL MS 389/LEG/2/6Certificate of motor insurance
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/11Document of Pope Urban VIII granting a privilege for the High Altar
EUL MS 389/COM/5Material relating to sisters who transferred to Syon Abbey
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/23Monasterio de Monjas Brigidas in Lasarte, Spain
EUL MS 389/PA/3/2/1Document entitled 'Instructions and Directions relating to matters requiring attention in order that the affairs of the Crusade of Prayer may be put in order'
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/27Recoletas Brigidas in Paredes de Nava, Spain
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/21Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/35Disposal certificate of death
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/53Transcript of a document of Pope Pius VI granting an indulgence
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/1Vow of profession of Faith Betton
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/30Photograph album
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/29Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/24Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/10Vow of profession of Katherine [Elizabeth] Knightley
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/37Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/ADM/3Records relating to officers
EUL MS 389/HOU/6/6Pamphlet entitled 'Kurze Geschichte des Klosters Maria-Altomünster von seinem Ursprunge bis auf die Gegenwart' [A short history of the Kloster Maria-Altomünster from its origin to the present day].
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/46Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/CHAR/2/4Transcript and translation of the charter roll of Edward IV
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/24Account book
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/25Document of Pope Alexander VIII granting a plenary indulgence on St Bridget's Day and four other days
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/54Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/SPISpiritual
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/39Vow of profession of Ann Lake
EUL MS 389/HOU/5/5'Booklet entitled Copy of the breve from Julius II.pp. about: fratres ab extra'
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/17Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/LIB/3/1Notes on Syon manuscripts in Oxford libraries
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/14Vow of profession of Alexius Radford
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/27Vow of profession of Frances Fuller
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/18Photograph album
EUL MS 389/COM/2/4Notebook entitled 'Book for the Obedience-making'
EUL MS 389/FIN/7Fundraising
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/19Vow of profession of Elizabeth Mary Catharine Bunchall
EUL MS 389/PA/3/3/4Promotional card
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/39Document of Pope Benedict XIV granting a privilege of the high altar
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/12Vow of profession of Agnes Joseph (Carter?)
EUL MS 389/COM/1/3Notebook entitled 'A List of the Sisters of Our Monastery of Syon'
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/51Certificate of Registration of Death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/36Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/CRE/4/6Manuscript acrostic poem entitled 'St Bridget of Sweden'
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/28Document of Pope Innocent XII granting an indulgence for the souls in purgatory
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/21Vow of profession of Elizabeth Mary Clare Coulston
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/38Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/CRE/4/5Manuscript play script entitled 'The Geese'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/11Vow of profession of Mary Smith
EUL MS 389/COM/4Papers relating to abbatial election
EUL MS 389/DIO/7Printed matter
EUL MS 389/LIBLibrary and archive
EUL MS 389/HOU/11/2Notebook
EUL MS 389/FIN/1General accounts
EUL MS 389/LEG/1/1Executors accounts for Miss Keene and Miss Green
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/2Photograph album
EUL MS 389/COM/9/2Material relating to Syon Abbey's Quincentenary celebrations
EUL MS 389/CRE/4/7Manuscript acrostic poem entitled 'The King shall greatly desire thy Beauty'
EUL MS 389/COM/3Material relating to postulants and novices
EUL MS 389/PERS/HEYSPersonal papers of Sister Mary Magdalen [Clara] Heys
EUL MS 389/CRE/5Artwork by unknown individuals
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/10Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/25Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/SPI/1/4Papers regarding the 'translation of the Office of Holy Mother St Catherine'
EUL MS 389/PA/3/1/3Membership register
EUL MS 389/COM/1/17Assorted typescript lists relating to the community
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/76Diary 1980
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/44Vow of profession of Elizabeth Farnes
EUL MS 389/COM/1/6Notebook entitled 'A list of monks and nuns of Syon at the time of the Suppression'
EUL MS 389/CHAR/2/7Manuscript translation of the foundation charter entitled, 'Monastery of Sion in the County of Middlesex, Charter of foundation by King Henry 5th'
EUL MS 389/PERS/HOLLANDPersonal papers of Sister Mary Julie [Patricia] Holland
EUL MS 389/PA/4/6Account Book of the 'Perpetual Lamps Association & Building Fund'
EUL MS 389/HOU/3Papers relating to proposed federations of Bridgettine houses
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/52Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/PA/3/1/1Membership register
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/2Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/6Photograph album
EUL MS 389/CRE/5/7Painted cut-out of a heraldic crown
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/52Transcript of a document of Pope Pius VI granting an indulgence
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/11Vow of profession of Lucy Browne
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/73Diary 1977
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/10Vow of profession of Mary Liddell
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/32Diary 1934
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/3Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/22Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/77Diary 1981
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/10Vow of profession of Mary Bernard Eccles
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/64Will
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/9Vow of profession of Catherine Thomas Benson
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/43Portuguese translation of a document of Pope Benedict XIV
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/9Vow of profession of Mary Johnson
EUL MS 389/PROP/9Papers relating to fire safety
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/16Vow of profession of Agatha Hildesley
EUL MS 389/PERS/NEVINPersonal papers of Sister Mary Magdalen [Beatrice Gertrude] Nevin
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/3/5Correspondence with Birgittakloster in Altomünster, Germany
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/RUTTENCorrespondence with Father P. Rutten
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/9Document of the Bishop of Ross
EUL MS 389/COR/1/1Bundles of correspondence, A-Z
EUL MS 389/CRE/5/2Pen and ink drawing of Syon House, Middlesex
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/STEANNECorrespondence with Couvent de Ste Anne, Courtrai [Kortrijk]
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/46English translation of a document of Pope Benedict XIV granting an indulgence
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/15Vow of profession of Ursula Sutton
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/85Diary 1989
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/82Diary 1986
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/25Photograph album
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/GOODIERCorrespondence with Archbishop Alban Goodier
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/34Vow of profession of Dorothy Halford
EUL MS 389/PROP/7Material relating to gas, electricity and water supply
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/67Diary 1972
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/84Diary 1988
EUL MS 389/SPI/4The Martyrology and the Bridgettine calendar
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/25Diary 1920
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/24Diary 1918
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/88Diary 1992
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/6Vow of profession of Marianna Zavedo
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/48Unidentified wax seal
EUL MS 389/PA/3/1/2Membership register
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/3Vow of profession of Martha Shepley
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/50Document of Pope Pius VI granting a plenary indulgence for the hour of death
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/34Document of Pope Clement XI granting an indulgence
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/90Diary 1994
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/6Vow of profession of Mary Hunter
EUL MS 389/DIO/5Indulgences
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/95Diary 1999
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/48Diary 1951
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/16Vow of profession of Josepha Hunt
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/75Diary 1979
EUL MS 389/PA/4/1Account book
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/14Diary 1908
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/94Diary 1998
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/6Diary 1897
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/26Document of Pope Alexander VIII granting a privilege to the High Altar
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/78Diary 1982
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/50Diary 1953
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/64Diary 1964
EUL MS 389/HOU/13/1Copy of the Life of Mother Mary Katherine Flanagan
EUL MS 389/SPI/1Worship and liturgy
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/MCCANNCorrespondence with Justin McCann O.S.B.
EUL MS 389/PERS/ELLISPersonal papers of Sister Mary Francis Ellis
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/5Vow of profession of Ellin Harnage
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/5Vow of profession of Clare Dowman
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/1Abdij Maria Refugie in Uden, Netherlands
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/9Diary 1903
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/27Vow of profession of Birgitta Becquet
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/FLYNNCorrespondence with Alfred I. Flynn
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/1Photograph album
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/8Diary 1902
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/23Vow of profession of Mary Russell
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/20Vow of profession of Mary Carr
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/25Vow of profession of Cecily Probert
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/4Vow of profession of Angela Gaylens
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/25Vow of profession of Elizabeth Blythe
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/12Vow of profession of Winifred Lloyd
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/4Vow of profession of Luiza Macedo
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/2Vow of profession of Teresa Wadsworth
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/10Diary 1904
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/15Diary 1909
EUL MS 389/SPI/2/1Material relating to the order of ceremonies for lay sisters
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/52Diary 1954
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/47Diary 1949
EUL MS 389/LEGLegal
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/9Vow of profession of Winefred Hill
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/87Diary 1991
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/74Diary 1978
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/93Diary 1997
EUL MS 389/PERS/BUDDPersonal papers of Sister Mary Ignatius Budd
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/3Diary 1893
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/2Vow of profession of Elizabeth Cross
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/45Diary 1946
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/11Vow of profession of Mary Mead
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/7Photograph album
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/24Vow of profession of Mary Bowyer
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/54Diary 1955
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/56Diary 1956
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/61Diary 1961
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/35Diary 1937
EUL MS 389/CHAR/1/2Cartulary of a charter roll of Edward IV, entitled 'E Rotulo Cartarum de Anno Quinto Regni Regis Edwardi Quarti'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/20Vow of profession of Barbara Moor
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/42Diary 1943
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/26Vow of profession of Rosa Hodgson
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/48Renewal of the vow of profession of Frances ?Hilliar
EUL MS 389/PERS/KELLYPersonal papers of Sister Mary Katherine [Winifred] Kelly
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/10Photograph album
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/55Diary 1955
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/3Vow of profession of Mary Hacket
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/58Diary 1958
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/31Vow of profession of Mary Gomes
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/8Illuminated apostolic blessings, approbations and greetings
EUL MS 389/REL/3/2Manuscript booklet entitled 'A Description of the Syon Monastery Cope'
EUL MS 389/HOU/5Material relating to Abdij Maria Refugie in Uden, Netherlands
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/7Vow of profession of Mary Hogdson
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/51Document of Pope Pius VI granting a plenary indulgence
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/14Vow of profession of Ann Russell
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/13Vow of profession of Barbara Brook
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/36Vow of profession of Rosa Mary Lowe
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/20Vow of profession of Dorothy Wilson
EUL MS 389/COM/1/16Notebook containing biographical details of sisters who entered between 1918 and 1929
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/17Vow of profession of Mary Alcock
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/19Account book
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/7Vow of profession of Barbara Carter
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/17Vow of profession of Mary Elston
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/7Vow of profession of Mary Sayar
EUL MS 389/ADM/6/1Address book
EUL MS 389/CHAR/1Charters and cartularies
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/2Vow of profession of Frances Hutcheson
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/1Vow of profession of Dorothea Grehemis
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/15Vow of profession of Jane Waldegrave
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/22Vow of profession of Catherine Harris
EUL MS 389/SPI/1/8Bound volume entitled 'General Rubricks or Directory according to which the Breviary ought to be rightly said'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/7Vow of profession of Joseph [Ann] Bingham
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/3Vow of profession of Barbara Watkinson
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/15Account book
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/19Vow of profession of Catherine Miles
EUL MS 389/PA/3/3Ephemera
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/16Account book
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/1Vow of profession of Catherine Baldwin
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/28Vow of profession of Mary Banner
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/14Vow of profession of Anna Grayson
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/11Vow of profession of Constance Hacket
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/29Vow of profession of Magdalen Knowles
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/16Vow of profession of Dorothy Waldegrave
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/2Document of Cardinal Pole granting an indulgence to the community of Syon at Teneramunda [Dendermonde]
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/13Vow of profession of Monica Hodgeson
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/18Vow of profession of Mary Bridget Smith
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/22Monasterio del Smo. Salvador y Sta. Brigida in Puebla, Mexico
EUL MS 389/HIST/2/KIDSGROVESt John's Roman Catholic Primary School, Kidsgrove
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/29Document of Pope Innocent XII granting a plenary indulgence for St Bridget's Day
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/47Vow of profession and renewal of the vow of Constancia Sorrell
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/19Vow of profession of Ann Bradshaw
EUL MS 389/HOU/4/1Notebook entitled 'A List of Monasteries of Our Order'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/15Vow of profession of Angela Hill
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/6Vow of profession of Magdalen Harris
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/20Vow of profession of Agnes Clarke
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/22Vow of profession of Gertrude Oram
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/22Vow of profession of Mary Harnage
EUL MS 389/FIN/4/4Invoice for damask
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/OSCOTTCorrespondence with Oscott College
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/MORFORDCorrespondence with Augustin Morford of The Friary, Saltash
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/GODFREYCorrespondence with William Godfrey
EUL MS 389/PA/4Account books for prayer associations
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/18Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/HAMILTONCorrespondence with Dom Adam Hamilton of Buckfast Abbey
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/71Will
EUL MS 389/SPI/1/13Typescript English translation of the Bridgettine Breviary
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/19Document of Pope Innocent XI granting an indulgence
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/29Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/42Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/15Document of Pope Alexander VII granting a plenary indulgence
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/ROTTIERCorrespondence with August Jean Marie Rottier
EUL MS 389/HOU/12Material relating to the Sankta Birgittas Kloster Pax Mariae in Vadstena, Sweden
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/8Document of Claude Sequart addressed to the Archbishop of Rouen
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/HARDYCorrespondence with Norman Felix Hardy of St Mary's, Cardiff
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/38Vow of profession of Teresa Boswell
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/1Will
EUL MS 389/PERS/KEMPSONPersonal papers of Sister Mary Veronica [Joan] Kempson
EUL MS 389/PA/3/3/5Pamphlet entitled 'An Urgent Appeal to Clients of Our Lady and St Joseph'
EUL MS 389/COM/2Material relating to vows made by sisters
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/24Photograph album
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/37Vow of profession of Agatha Halford
EUL MS 389/RUL/1Material relating to the Rule
EUL MS 389/PROP/5Material relating to employees
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/34Copy will
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/20Ringbinder account book
EUL MS 389/PERS/RALEIGHPersonal papers of Sister Mary Anne Raleigh
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/15Photograph album
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/22/2Correspondence with Monasterio del Smo. Salvador y Sta. Brigida in Puebla, Mexico
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/9Photograph album
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/4Photograph album
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/5Photograph album
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/19Photograph album
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/16Photograph album
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/13Photograph album
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/17Document of Pope Alexander VII granting a licence to 'Choose a conservator of the order'
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/12Photograph album
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/10Document of Pope Paul V confirming and declaring the apostolic collectors and nuncios of Portugal to be superiors of the monastery in Lisbon
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/AUGUSTINESCorrespondence with St Augustine's Priory, Newton Abbot
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/26Photograph album
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/17Account book embossed 'Cash Book'
EUL MS 389/COR/1/3Bundles of correspondence, A-W
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/19Will
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/16Casa di Santa Brigida in Rome (Piazza Farnese), Italy
EUL MS 389/HOU/6/7Document regarding 'The Prayer Union of St Bridget'
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/18Document of Pope Clement X granting absolution at the hour of death
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/17Will
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/33Vow of profession of Ellen Bride
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/43Vow of profession of Mary Joseph Wade
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/21Will
EUL MS 389/HOU/11Material relating to the Real Monasterio de Santa Brigida in Valladolid, Spain
EUL MS 389/DIO/8Miscellaneous
EUL MS 389/PROPProperty
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/42Vow of profession of Mary Barbara Green
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/3Will
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/13Account book entitled 'Community Accounts from Jan. 1st 1904 to Sept. 30th 1916'
EUL MS 389/PUB/1/11Manuscript notes on a contract with Rev Charles Graham, the Bishop of Plymouth, concerning 'The Poor Souls' Friend and St Joseph's Monitor'
EUL MS 389/PA/5/1Certificate of admission of Mother Mary Austin to the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face in Tours
EUL MS 389/HIST/2/HOWITTMargaret Howitt
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/8Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/58Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/JAMESCorrespondence with F. Raymond James
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/14Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/32Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/38Document of Pope Benedict XIV granting a plenary indulgence
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/21Monasterio de las Recoletas Brigidas de Vitoria in Vitoria, Spain
EUL MS 389/PA/1Material relating to the Rosary Confraternity
EUL MS 389/ADM/3/16Rota of sisters' duties during the Divine Service, c 1950-2011
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/33Diary 1935
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/45Vow of profession of Frances Winefred Hilliar
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/54Transcript of a document of Pope Pius VI granting an indulgence
EUL MS 389/HOU/6/14Manuscript notes on the monastery at Altomünster
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/23Will
EUL MS 389/HOU/6/13Anniversary programme entitled 'Programm für die Jubelwoche zum 1200jähr. St Alto=Jubiläum zu Altomünster vom 12. bis 20. Juli 1930'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/30Vow of profession of Mary Ann Harrison
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/21Vow of profession of Johanna Figuera
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/3Birgittakloster in Altomünster, Germany
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/24Vow of profession of Margaret Prance
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/17Vow of profession of Dorothea Blinkingsopes
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/8Photograph album
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/13Vow of profession of Ann Hutton
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/CAMMCorrespondence with Dom Bede Camm
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/15Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/47Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/5Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/7Document of the Bishop of Ross
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/61Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/31Will
EUL MS 389/CRE/5/1Pencil drawing of 'Syon House. Lisbon. Portugal'
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/72Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/3Papers relating to legacies left to Syon Abbey
EUL MS 389/HOU/12/5Folder of correspondence and press clippings
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/49Document marked 'The Patriarks first paper he wrote for to take the Government of this Convent instead of the Pope's Nuncio'
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/1Parchment bound manuscript book entitled 'Livro Dos Rendimentos e Fazendas de Convento das Religiosas Ingresas de S. Brigida'
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/3Document of Pope Pius IV addressed to the Archbishop of Cambrai and regarding the Syon Community in Dendermond [Dendermonde]
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/12Vow of profession of Maria Soares
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/4Vow of profession of Elizabeth Hodson
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/BALLINGERCorrespondence with Francis J. Ballinger
EUL MS 389/HOU/4Lists of monasteries of the Order of the Most Holy Saviour
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/17Vow of profession of Agatha Carter
EUL MS 389/COR/1/1/15Bundle of correspondence, S
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/8Vow of profession of Frances Brooke
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/17Vow of profession of Frances Victor
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/ECLISBONCorrespondence with the English College in Lisbon
EUL MS 389/FIN/3Investments
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/2Vow of profession of Alexia Heath
EUL MS 389/COR/2Correspondence arranged by subject matter
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/23Vow of profession of Anna Maria of the Presentation
EUL MS 389/ADM/6Address books
EUL MS 389/RUL/5Notes on rules and customs
EUL MS 389/CRE/5/6Devotional prints
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/55Document of Vincente Macchi (apostolic delegate) regarding 'the nuns return from Bom Sucesso to their Convent anno 1812'
EUL MS 389/COM/3/1Document of admission to Syon Abbey of Vincent Slinn
EUL MS 389/HOU/5/7Typescript document entitled 'Statuta Monialum Ordinis SS. Salvatoris Vulgo S. Birgitte Pro Monasterio "Maria Refugie" Uden (Buscoducem)'
EUL MS 389/RUL/1/1Printed copies of the rule
EUL MS 389/CRE/5/8Collection of prayer cards, prints and drawings
EUL MS 389/PUB/4Prayer cards
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/55Will
EUL MS 389/CRE/1Canon J.R. Fletcher's collection of Syon artwork
EUL MS 389/PROP/11Miscellaneous items relating to property
EUL MS 389/SPI/2/8Material relating to the ceremonies of other religious communities
EUL MS 389/PROP/4Maps and plans
EUL MS 389/CHAR/1/1Deed of Restoration
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/30Account book
EUL MS 389/SPI/3Prayers and devotions
EUL MS 389/PROP/10Mixed papers and correspondence relating to land and property
EUL MS 389/DIO/2Papers relating to visitations
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/46/14Notebook containing transcripts of correspondence regarding the Swedish branch of the Order, 1923-1924
EUL MS 389/PA/1/4Newspaper clipping regarding a new Rosary Indulgence for members
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/22Vow of profession of Ursula Richmond
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/27Account book
EUL MS 389/HOU/5/1Manuscript English translation of the Holy Rule followed by the Bridgettine community in Uden (Second section)
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/2Vow of profession of Catherine Dendy
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/7Vow of profession of Dorothy Lorrence
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/BUCKFASTCorrespondence from Buckfast Abbey
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/18Vow of profession of Francis Houltbie
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/28Account book
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/30Vow of profession of Mary Augustine Aloysia Whittle
EUL MS 389/LIB/3/4Typescript papers from envelope marked 'Syon Processionale Mr Worth's typed copies of the MSS at St John's Coll. Oxford, St John's Coll. Cambridge & Sion Coll. London.'
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/23/3Correspondence with Monasterio de Monjas Brigidas in Lasarte, Spain
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/29Account book
EUL MS 389/PA/3/3/3Poster for the solemn opening of the Shrine of the Rosary Crusade
EUL MS 389/HIST/1/5Notes on historical matters
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/20Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/70Will
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/21Account book embossed 'Cash Book'
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/22Account book labelled 'Aug 1973-Sep '89 DAY'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/18Vow of profession of Lucy Richmond
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/20Vow of profession of Agnes Winefrid Roper
EUL MS 389/FIN/3/3Notebook entitled 'Description of Bonds, Dividends & Income'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/9Vow of profession of Frances Brooke
EUL MS 389/FIN/4/3Invoice for a cabinet
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/8Brigidas Recoletas de Santa Cruz in Azcoitia, Spain
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/14Vow of profession of Rose Taylor
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/24Profession papers of Helen Gillow (Mary Jane Frances Gillow)
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/9Account book
EUL MS 389/COM/3/2Document of admission to Syon Abbey of Mary Barns
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/1Empty envelope marked 'Two Briefs of Indulgences not expired'
EUL MS 389/HOU/3/2Correspondence labelled 're Constitutions. Correspondence with Fr Rutten, Fr van der Elsen, Fr Leo Smith, Altomunster, Uden & Weert before 1953 and up to 1955'
EUL MS 389/PERSPersonal papers
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/26Vow of profession of Mary Ann Catharine Middlehurst
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/25Document of examination of Elizabeth Middlehurst
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/28Vow of profession of Martha Tipping
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/9Will
EUL MS 389/LIB/3Material relating to manuscripts and archives connected to Syon Abbey and the Order of St Saviour held by other institutions
EUL MS 389/HIST/1/2Transcripts and summaries of documents relating to the history of Syon
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/80Diary 1984
EUL MS 389/HOU/5/6Tin labelled 'Sigill from Uden'
EUL MS 389/HIST/1/4Research concerning the history of the Order
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/22Will
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/40Vow of profession of Winifred Marshall
EUL MS 389/LEG/2Material relating to insurance
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1Vows of sisters, 1607-1858
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/22Diary 1916
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/CLARISSESCorrespondence with the Pauvres Clarisses (Poor Clares) de la Reforme de Ste Colette du Monastere de Poligny
EUL MS 389/HOU/13Material relating to The Bridgettine Convent in Iver Heath
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/43The Bridgettine Convent in Iver Heath, England, UK
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/16Vow of profession of Elizabeth Catherine Taylor
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/5Vow of profession of Frances Huddlestone
EUL MS 389/PA/5/2Document entitled 'Pleas for the Establishment of the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face'.
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/18Vow of profession of Anna Read
EUL MS 389/RELRelics and treasures of Syon Abbey
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/39Will
EUL MS 389/HOU/10/7Pamphlet entitled 'Appunti Storici sulla Chiesa e la Casa di S. Brigida'
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/66Diary 1971
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/4Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/CRE/4/10Manuscript poem or song concerning the Bridgettine monk and martyr Richard [Reynolds]
EUL MS 389/DIO/3Regulations, petitions and permissions
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/10Correspondence from the Pope and the Holy See of Rome
EUL MS 389/PA/1/5Letter of affiliation between the Rosary Crusade and the Sanctuaire du Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre
EUL MS 389/PROP/1/3Records relating to Lisbon
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/12Vow of profession of Mary Liddell
EUL MS 389/PROP/1/4Records relating to Spetisbury
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/JOHNSTONCorrespondence with F.R. Johnston
EUL MS 389/REL/1Lists and inventories of relics and treasures
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/26Diary 1922
EUL MS 389/DIO/1Correspondence with the Diocese
EUL MS 389/PROP/1/5Records relating to Chudleigh
EUL MS 389/HIST/1/3Research concerning members of the community
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/MORRISCorrespondence with John Morris S.J.
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/40Document of Pope Benedict XIV granting a plenary indulgence
EUL MS 389/LIB/6Material relating to book preservation
EUL MS 389/CHARCharters and related papers
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/19Vow of profession of Lucy Smith
EUL MS 389/HIST/3Print media relating to a variety of historical and research matters
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/9Assorted papers relating to matters put before ecclesiastical authorities
EUL MS 389/REL/2Correspondence relating to relics and treasures
EUL MS 389/MISCMiscellaneous
EUL MS 389/COR/1Correspondence arranged alphabetically
EUL MS 389/HIST/1/6Enquiry correspondence and mixed papers
EUL MS 389/CRE/2Artwork by Sister Mary Stanislas [Annie] Simmons
EUL MS 389/PAPrayer associations
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/4Vow of profession of Bridget Stringfellow
EUL MS 389/PUB/1/8Account book
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/5Vow of profession of Winifred Teresa Smith
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/6Vow of profession of Mary Magdalen Smith
EUL MS 389/STAStamp collection
EUL MS 389/COM/1/15Manuscript and typescript obits
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/33Will
EUL MS 389/CRE/4Literary works
EUL MS 389/COM/1Lists and obits of the community
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/2Diary 1892
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/13Will
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/50Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/SPI/5Sermons and retreats
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/74Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/6Mixed correspondence and papers
EUL MS 389/COM/1/5Notebook entitled 'Alphabetical List of the Bridgettine Nuns of Syon. 1415-1924'
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/24Will
EUL MS 389/PROP/6/1Farm accounts
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/25Vow of profession of Helen Morgan
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/46Vow of profession of Mary Gertrude Allison
EUL MS 389/LIB/4Papers relating to bequests and loans of books
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/4Diary 1895
EUL MS 389/PROP/6/4Records relating to livestock
EUL MS 389/LEG/2/4Policy of Insurance
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/98Diary 2002
EUL MS 389/PERS/WITHAMPersonal papers of Sister Catherine 'Kitty' Witham
EUL MS 389/HIST/2External research concerning Syon Abbey and the Bridgettine Order
EUL MS 389/PROP/1/2Records relating to Mishagen and the Low Countries
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/8Vow of profession of Teresa Clement
EUL MS 389/PROP/1Material relating to the ownership of land and property
EUL MS 389/RULRules and customs of religious life
EUL MS 389/LIB/2Material relating to the manuscripts in the medieval library
EUL MS 389/PA/3Material relating to the Crusade of Prayer, also known as the Rosary Crusade
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/BENELIUSCorrespondence with Erich Benelius
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/5Vow of profession of Mary Yard
EUL MS 389/PROP/6Material relating to farm management
EUL MS 389/SPI/2/5Material relating to the order of ceremonies for abbesses
EUL MS 389/PROP/6/3Mixed papers relating to the management of the farm
EUL MS 389/SPI/1/1Liturgical texts
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/27Vow of profession of Mary Ann Catharine Middlehurst
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/29Photograph album
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/73Will
EUL MS 389/LIB/5/3Invoice for 'Cat.66.2. Processional of the Bridgetine nuns of Syon. Saec. XV'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/18Vow of profession of Mary Paxton
EUL MS 389/PERS/QUORROLLPersonal papers of Sister Mary Teresa [Winifred Mary] Quorroll
EUL MS 389/LIB/5/2Transcript of newspaper article entitled 'Arundel Castle MSS. The Nuns of St Bridget'
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/99Diary 2003
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/17Photograph album
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/7Diary 1899
EUL MS 389/FIN/3/10Notebook entitled 'Community Investments up to date'
EUL MS 389/PERS/KOCKPersonal papers of Sister Mary Lucia Kock
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/14Vow of profession of Margaret Windesor
EUL MS 389/PHOPhotographs
EUL MS 389/ADM/2/1Notebook entitled 'Minute Book of the Sion House Council'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/3Vow of profession of Jane Carr
EUL MS 389/PA/3/2Financial and legal documents
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/25Account book
EUL MS 389/PROP/8Papers relating to burial grounds
EUL MS 389/PA/1/1Membership register
EUL MS 389/COM/9Material relating to special events within the community
EUL MS 389/PA/4/3Account book entitled 'Association Accounts from Dec: 5th 1907 to Nov: 2nd 1912'
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/89Diary 1993
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/47Certificate of death photocopy
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/18Casa Santa Birgitta, Lugano, Switzerland
EUL MS 389/PHO/1Photograph albums
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/92Diary 1996
EUL MS 389/PROP/2Material relating to the lease of land and property
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/36Diary 1938
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/97Diary 2001
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/27Photograph album
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/18Diary 1912
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/91Diary 1995
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/35Vow of profession of Anne Brewster
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/16Vow of profession of Ursula Carter
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/56Document of the Archbishop of Side (apostolic nuncio) addressed to the abbess regarding the community's return to England
EUL MS 389/HIST/4Press clippings
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/52Will
EUL MS 389/LIB/3/3Photographs and rotographs of manuscripts and archives
EUL MS 389/HIST/1/1Histories of the community
EUL MS 389/CHAR/2Modern papers relating to medieval charters
EUL MS 389/RUL/2Material relating to the Syon Additions to the rule
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/31Diary 1933
EUL MS 389/PROP/1/6Records relating to South Brent
EUL MS 389/RUL/4Material relating to customs
EUL MS 389/ADM/1Minutes of the Chapter
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/46Mixed correspondence
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/67Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/63Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/49Will
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/23Vow of profession of Teresa Bridget Middlehurst
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/76Will
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/71Diary 1976
EUL MS 389/PERS/STANISLASPersonal papers of Sister Mary Stanislas [Annie] Simmons
EUL MS 389/SPI/2/4Material relating to the order of ceremonies of simple profession and the renewal of vows
EUL MS 389/PA/2Material relating to St Joseph's Guard of Honour
EUL MS 389/COM/3/11Book of examinations
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/1Diary 1890
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/11Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/14Photograph album
EUL MS 389/ECCEcclesiastical relations
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/39Diary 1940
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/41Diary 1942
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/12Vow of profession of Mary Reynolds
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/62Diary 1962
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/59Diary 1959
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/21Diary 1915
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/20Diary 1914
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/37Diary 1939
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/57Diary 1957
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/60Diary 1960
EUL MS 389/DIO/6Addresses by the Bishop
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/44Portuguese translation of a document of Pope Benedict XIV
EUL MS 389/PUB/1Material relating to 'The Poor Souls' Friend and St Joseph's Monitor'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/26Vow of profession of Margaret Tunstall
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/2/21Vow of profession of Francis Antonia Naper
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/22Vow of profession of Maria Falcao
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/69Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/78Will
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/77Will
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/20Document of Pope Innocent XI granting an indulgence
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/24Document of Pope Innocent XI granting a plenary indulgence
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/30Document of Pope Clement XI granting an indulgence for St Bridget's Day
EUL MS 389/LEG/4/79Report from the Conference of Solicitors Acting for Catholic Dioceses and Religious Orders
EUL MS 389/ECC/1/1/16Document of Pope Alexander VII addressed to the brothers of the Monastery of St Benedict and the Abbey of St Bernard in Lisbon
EUL MS 389/HIST/1History and research within the community
EUL MS 389/LEG/2/1Policy of Insurance
EUL MS 389/HOU/10/3Document entitled 'A Bridgettine House in Rome'
EUL MS 389/PA/2/3Notebook entitled 'List of Subscribers to St Josephs Fund for the purchase of our Fields & New Altars'
EUL MS 389/COM/1/7Notebook entitled 'A Register of the Brothers of Our Monastery of Syon'
EUL MS 389/COM/1/12Lists of priests and chaplains
EUL MS 389/COM/1/14Book of Obits
EUL MS 389/PA/4/4Account book
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/61Book entitled 'Liber Defunctorum'
EUL MS 389/COM/1/11Typescript list and notes relating to confessors general and abbesses
EUL MS 389/COM/6Official certificates and documents of sisters
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/43Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/9/1Material relating to professions and jubilees in the community
EUL MS 389/REL/3Descriptions and notes relating to relics and treasures
EUL MS 389/PUB/1/7Letter book
EUL MS 389/CRE/5/5Framed map of 'The Migrations'
EUL MS 389/DIO/4Questionnaires
EUL MS 389/CRECreative works
EUL MS 389/HISTHistory and research
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/21Photograph album
EUL MS 389/COM/8Material relating to Brothers and Sisters of the Chapter
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/15Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/44Certificate of notification of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/40Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/23Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/30Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/60Certificate of death photocopy
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/1Certificate of notification of death
EUL MS 389/PERS/CULHANEPersonal papers of Sister Mary Olivia (Helena) Culhane
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/5Diary 1896
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/28Diary 1929
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/72Diary 1977
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/12Diary 1906
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/65Diary 1970
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/17Diary 1911
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/79Diary 1983
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/100Diary 2004
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/16Diary 1910
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/38Diary 1940
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/49Diary 1952
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/83Diary 1987
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/81Diary 1985
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/96Diary 2000
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/30Diary 1933
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/29Diary 1929
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/19Diary 1913
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/23Diary 1917
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/13Diary 1907
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/46Diary 1947-1951
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/40Diary 1941
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/68Diary 1973
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/51Diary 1953
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/53Diary 1954
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/86Diary 1990
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/34Diary 1936
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/69Diary 1974
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/70Diary 1975
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/63Diary 1963
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/44Diary 1945
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/21Vow of profession of Ann Fitsall
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/21Vow of profession of Catherine Colle
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/3/9Vow of profession of Catherine Liddell
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/32Vow of profession of Mary Joyce
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/10Vow of profession of Cecily Liddell
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/28Vow of profession of Barbara Davies
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/6Vow of profession of Brigit Greenside
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/23Vow of profession of Catherine Witham
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/4/24Vow of profession of Victoria Lolle
EUL MS 389/CRE/5/4Framed illuminated list of abbesses of Syon
EUL MS 389/REL/3/4Postcard of the Syon Cope at the Victoria and Albert Museum
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/11Photograph album
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/3Photograph album
EUL MS 389/PHO/1/20Photograph album
EUL MS 389/LIB/1Lists and catalogues
EUL MS 389/ECC/4Notes on clergy and other religious communities
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/BERGHCorrespondence with Abbot Bergh
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/1Vow of profession of Ann Kirby
EUL MS 389/HOU/6/3Typescript bound copy of 'St Mary of Altomunster or The Temple and Monastery of St Alto' entitled 'St Mary of Altomünster 730-1730'
EUL MS 389/LEG/4Papers relating to wills of members of the community
EUL MS 389/LEG/5Correspondence with Tozers Solicitors
EUL MS 389/PROP/3Material relating to construction and development
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/19Vow of profession of Agnes Duroa
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/15Vow of profession of Clare Salisbury
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/1/1Vow of profession of Sister Magdalyn Shelley
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/STNICOLASCorrespondence with the Abbey of St Nicolas de Verneuil
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/WILLIAMSONBCorrespondence with Benedict Williamson and related papers
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1/31Account book
EUL MS 389/FIN/3/4Book entitled 'Description of Bonds, Dividends & Income'
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/15Vow of profession of Agnes Joseph Cliffe
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/13Vow of profession of Margaret Catherine Thomas Hodgeson
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/5/31Vow of profession of Mary Ignatia Budd
EUL MS 389/PA/5Material relating to the Confraternity of the Holy Face
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/WHATMORECorrespondence with L.E. Whatmore
EUL MS 389/PUB/1/13Small notebook etntitled 'Expenditure P.S.F.'
EUL MS 389/ECC/2/ECROMECorrespondence with the English College in Rome
EUL MS 389/PERS/GLANVILLEPersonal papers of Sister Mary Gertrude [Florence] Glanville
EUL MS 389/PERS/HALLPersonal papers of Sister Mary Bridget [Emma] Hall
EUL MS 389/PERS/JOCELYNPersonal papers of Sister Mary Teresa [Agnes] Jocelyn
EUL MS 389/PERS/REDPATHPersonal papers of Sister Mary Dominic [Helen Louise] Redpath
EUL MS 389/CHAR/2/6Note on the provenance of the 'Deed of Reconstitution'
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/11Diary 1905
EUL MS 389/PUB/1/14Loose pages and volumes of 'Poor Souls' Friend' within two notebook covers
EUL MS 389/ECC/1Papers concerning relations with ecclesiastical authorities
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/27Diary 1924-1935 in typescript volume entitled, 'Syon Chronicles January 1921-October 1931'
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/10Bridgettine community (and Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth) in Grodno, Belarus
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/21/2Correspondence with Monasterio de las Recoletas Brigidas de Vitoria in Vitoria, Spain
EUL MS 389/HOU/1/26Real Monasterio de Santa Brigida in Valladolid, Spain
EUL MS 389/HOU/1Correspondence with other Bridgettine houses
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/6/2Vow of profession of Clementina Smith
EUL MS 389/COM/2/1/6/1Vow of profession of Ursula Campbell
EUL MS 389/HOU/7/1Photograph
EUL MS 389/COM/2/2Vows and profession papers of sisters, 1861-2010
EUL MS 389/FIN/1/1Account books
EUL MS 389/FINFinance
EUL MS 389/CORGeneral correspondence
EUL MS 389/CRE/3Artwork by Sister Mary Veronica [Joan] Kempson
EUL MS 389/AVMAudio-visual material
EUL MS 389/ADM/2Minutes of the Council
EUL MS 389/PERS/ANONYMOUSPersonal papers of anonymous or unknown sisters
EUL MS 389/HIST/2/FLETCHERCanon John Rory Fletcher
EUL MS 389/ADM/3/14Rota of sisters' duties during the Divine Service, 1777
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/7Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/16Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/5Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/19Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/57Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/28Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/6Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/14Certificate of death photocopy
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/13Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/18Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/27Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/33Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/31Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/32Certificate for Burial or Cremation
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/41Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/42Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/45Confirmation of receipt of certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/48Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/53Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/56Certificate of Registration of Death
EUL MS 389/COM/6/2/59Certificate of death
EUL MS 389/COR/3Unsorted correspondence and assorted papers arranged by box
EUL MS 389/DIORelations with the Plymouth Diocese
EUL MS 389/ECC/3Mixed correspondence with clergy and religious communities
EUL MS 389/ECC/2Correspondence with clergy and religious communities, organised alphabetically
EUL MS 389/SPI/2Ceremonials
EUL MS 389/ADM/5/43Diary 1944
EUL MS 389/PROP/1/1Records relating to Isleworth and Middlesex
EUL MS 389/ADM/5Community diaries
EUL MS 389/ASSister Anne Smyth deposit
EUL MS 389/COM/7Posthumous papers relating to the lives and deaths of sisters
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