How do I sort the records in the 'search results'?
You can sort the list of results according to the field of your choice by clicking on the column heading. By default, records are presented in Ref No order.

How can I find out more information about an entry displayed in the 'search results'?
To view a full record description, click on any part of the record. If you then want to browse the record in its hierarchical context or 'tree' (i.e. how it relates to other records in the collection), click on Ref No. Use the back button on your browser to return to the search results overview.

Why can't I see images of the documents in the catalogue?
The catalogue contains written descriptions of the documents in our archive. A few collections have digitised images attached to descriptions.

Why can't I find what I'm looking for?
If you want to search for an exact phrase (so the words appear adjacent to each other in the text), e.g. John Smith, enter the text with double quotation marks, thus "John Smith".

Searching the database will only find the exact words used in the catalogue, so if you haven't found what you wanted it's often best to try other related terms or alternative spellings.

To search for records relating to a particular subject, select the catalogue search option and type a subject term into the Terms field.

You can also search for part of a word followed, or preceded, by a 'wildcard' asterisk to broaden your search: For example if you are unsure if a surname you are looking for would be spelt Smyth or Smith you could type in Sm*th and all entries that have a word that begins with 'Sm' and ends with 'th' will be brought up.

Useful tips on carrying out searches are available on 'How do I search the database'.

I have found what I am looking for, how can I view the collection/item? What is the procedure?
Check the Repository field to learn where records are held.

Those listed as:
Special Collections Archives (GB 0029) please contact

Bill Douglas Cinema Museum Archives (GB 2869) please contact

University of Exeter Penryn Campus (GB 3242) or Falmouth University (GB 3241) please contact

Can I get copies of the document[s] I am interested in?
We can provide a paid photocopying service for limited amounts of material, subject to copyright restrictions and the condition of the item. Please Contact Us if you have a specific request subject to copyright restrictions and the condition of the item on a case by case basis.

I have found a collection I am interested in looking at, but the catalogue says there is restricted access to parts of the collection, and some items are listed as closed. What does this mean and how can I proceed?
Certain records are subject to exemptions due to Freedom of Information and Data Protection legislation and we will not be able to produce items that are listed as closed. Please Contact Us for more information.

Please Contact Us well in advance of your proposed visit.

Can I use the images from your Collections for my study or research?
To obtain permission to reproduce anything from the archives collections in your studies or research, please Contact Us.

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