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TitleBox 5
Description 216/5/1 Newsletters, pamphlets, sports boycott, Namibia, Trades Unions information

1. 'Dom Pass': the newsletter of the Exeter and District Anti-Apartheid Group, April 1973 - December 1983

2. 'Drawing the Line': cartoonists against apartheid, a selection of illustrations from 20 years of 'Apartheid News'; a small pamphlet published by the Anti-Apartheid Movement, London [1985?]

3. 'Words are as Water': the opening address by the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Shridath S Ramphal, to the International Conference on Sanctions against Apartheid Sport, 27th Jun 1983, London. A small pamphlet.

4. 'I am prepared to die' by Nelson Mandela. A small pamphlet produced by the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, 1979; reprinted 1984.

5. 'Give the ANC a voice for freedom and democracy': a sponsorship appeal by the South West Region Anti-Apartheid movement to provide a public address system for the Eastern Cape Region of the ANC in South Africa. A small 4-sided leaflet [1992?]

6. Exeter and District Anti-Apartheid Group membership Card; sheets of 3, pre-printed and ready for completion. [no date]

7. A petition with signatures and contact details, calling for the immediate release of all those detained without trial in South Africa and Namibia. [1987?]

8. A file labelled 'Membership', containing printed address labels. Lists of names and addresses (printed and hand-written), a telephone tree for the Exeter Group's Women's Subcommittee, index cards for members who had not paid their subscription since the 1988 AGM, a pro-forma to be completed by members indicating their skills, resources and contacts, a completed form for the 'They Must Not Die' Campaign, and sheets of the Anti-Apartheid Movement's Local Membership Cards. [1989?]

9. Two used TSB cheque books, one each for the Anti-Apartheid Movement and for Exeter and District Anti-Apartheid Movement. 1986-1987.

10. 'Women Under Apartheid' in photographs and text; published by the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, in co-operation with the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid. [No date]

11. Sheets of 4 pre-printed cards addressed to the Chairman or Public Affairs Co-ordinator of Shell Transport and Trading Company PLC, the distributors of Shell Petrol and Products, or the Anti-Apartheid's Shell Campaign awaiting signatures of people sending them as part of the 'Boycott Shell Campaign'; and a large pamphlet called 'The Shell Shadow Report'. 1987.

12. 'Beating Apartheid: the current crisis in South Africa and the TUC's programme of action'; TUC Publications, Sept. 1986.

13. 'Working Under South African Occupation: Labour in Namibia': Fact Paper on Southern Africa No. 14, published by the International Defence and Aid Fund, Jan.1987

14. 'Battlefront Namibia: an autobiography by John Ya-Otto; Heinemann African Writers Series, no. 244, 1982.

15. 'Children of Resistance: statements from the Harare Conference on Children, Repression and the Law in Apartheid South Africa' edited by Victoria Britain and Abdul S Minty. Published by Kliptown Books, London, 1988.

16. 'Namibia, a contract to kill: the story of stolen Uranium and the British Nuclear Programme', published by The Campaign against the Namibian Uranium Contracts, Sept 1986.

17. 'Namibia; the Facts', published by the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, Sept. 1980.

18. 'This is Apartheid: a pictorial introduction'; published by the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa [mid-1980s].

19. 'Fighting for Apartheid: a job for Life: European Citizens in the South African Defence Force'. Published by the Anti-Apartheid Movement, Netherlands, Sept. 1988.

20. Two small circular Anti-Apartheid black and white logo stickers for attaching to glass. [No date].

216/5/2 Box File K: Miscellaneous information, Namibia, TUs and SA, Apartheid Sport

1. An envelope containing: a small leaflet calling for a halt to the execution of the Pretoria 3; a small pamphlet called 'Stop the Apartheid Bomb!' 3 sides of information for the Boycott Barclays national day of Action on 15th Oct. 1981.

2. An envelope containing: 'SWAM [Stop the War Against Angola and Mozambique] Newsletter issue 2, Sept. /Oct. 1981; order forms for the SWAM badge and a publication by Tony Gifford called 'South Africa's Record of International Terrorism'; a small 4-side leaflet advertising an event on 31st Oct. 1981 about the 'apartheid bomb'; a paper on the International Metalworkers' Federation and south Africa, printed by the AAM, London. In Oct. 1981; and 2 communications from AAM, London.

3. An envelope containing: Sechaba, Feb. 1981 issue[ official organ of the ANC South Africa]; Local Groups Mailing of AAM, London, Apr. 1981 with enclosures

4. 'File labelled Anti-Apartheid Information Sources' containing: an Anti-Apartheid Movement list of resources and campaigning material, 1980; an Anti-Apartheid movement Select Literature List [n.d.]; an Anti-Apartheid Movement Statement on the Future of Zimbabwe, 4th Oct. 1976; a list of Known Families of Political Prisoners, Detainees, the Banned and the Banished in South Africa and Namibia, 1980; names and addresses of families of people who have been executed or Died in Detention [1970s?]; a double-sided leaflet on a documentary film for hire, entitled 'Abaphuciwe: the dispossessed': a documentary on population removal and labour control in South Africa, 1980; a leaflet advertising the premiere of a film entitled 'These are the Weapons' about Mozambique, 1978.

5. Envelope addressed to Richard King and labelled 'Banks in South Africa, ELTSA' and containing a double-sided leaflet about Standard Bank; a small double-sided leaflet calling for a boycott of Barclays; a briefing paper for the Campaign against Barclay' Purchase of SASOL Shares, Jan. 1980; a folded leaflet on British Banks support for Apartheid, 1980; 'Barclays and South Africa' by Martin Bailey, Nov 1975; a mailing to local Anti-Apartheid Groups, Jan. 1981.

6. A collection of papers including: 'Twinning beyond Twinning: a report from the Anti-Apartheid's National Committee'; Anti-Apartheid Movement Constitution and Standing Orders; 'The Ultra-Left and the Solidarity Movement' by Mervyn Bennun; 'What future for the Anti-Apartheid Movements within the European Community?'; '1993 The Year for Peace and Democracy in South and Southern Africa': campaign plans presented to the Anti-Apartheid Movement AGM, Dec. 1992 together with nominations for committees and the timetable for the day; 'South Africa: prospects for peace and democracy'; motions as composited and with amendments; motions submitted to the 1992 AGM of the Anti-Apartheid Movement; first and second reports of the Standing Orders Committee; formal notice of the AGM; documentation list; audited accounts for the year ending 30 Jun 1992; the Honorary Treasurer's report; a letter of greetings from Nelson Mandela; information sheets for delegates; a leaflet advertising a dance organised by the London Anti-Apartheid Committee; and a petition about the crisis in Angola after the elections of Sept. 1992. [1987-1992].

7. Two papers from the 1992 Anti-Apartheid Movement Annual General Meeting of 12 Dec 1992: resolutions adopted and campaign plans for 1993 and a speech by the Angolan Ambassador. 1992.

8. A collection of typed, copied and handwritten papers, including: those relating to Plymouth's Anti-Apartheid Group; those relating to ACTSA, Action for Southern Africa, the successor organisation to the Anti-Apartheid Movement; those relating to the Exeter Anti-Apartheid Group; and a press statement by the Human Rights Commission (HRC) on HRC Day 1992.

9. Exeter Anti-Apartheid file of pamphlets and papers on Trades Unions in South Africa. [1980s?].

10. Exeter Anti-Apartheid file of pamphlets and papers on Namibia. [1978-1981].

BOX 5/ 3
216/5/3 Box File L: Sport, Health, Education, Lawyers against Apartheid

1. A folder containing leaflets, reports, a magazine, press cuttings and an affidavit of Mervyn Bennun concerning the sports boycott of South African Apartheid. 1981-1989.

2. A folder on Apartheid Sport, labelled 'current - for committee meetings' and containing a survey of British relations with South Africa 1977-1979, and information about Apartheid rugby and the Barbarians tour of 1979

3. A folder on Education, Health and Sport including Research on Education in South Africa (RESA) papers, correspondence, pamphlets and leaflets. 1976 - 1984.

4. A folder labelled 'Lawyers against Apartheid', containing bulletins, stickers, handwritten notes, reports of meetings of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL), and correspondence. 1989-1991.

5. Exeter and District Anti-Apartheid Group Special Newsletter for all present and past members, November 1993, on an A4 single sheet; and an A5 single sheet leaflet. 1993

6. Items concerning the 1994 South African Elections including Anti-Apartheid News; AAM's Manifesto for free and fair elections in South Africa; an Exeter and District Anti-Apartheid Group Election Special leaflet; and other leaflets. 1993-1994.

7. 2 hand-made large posters about South Africa and the 1994 elections.

216/5/4 Artefacts

1. Anti-Apartheid plastic shopping bag with logo and slogan 'Don't Buy South African Goods' [undated].

2. Large flag showing 3 horizontal bands of green, gold and red, with a black fist against a line of barbed wire. [no dates

3. Small pennants on metal sticks with ANC colours

4. Collection of small badges from the Anti-Apartheid Movement {no dates]

5. Stickers with an address for the Exeter and District Ant-Apartheid Group. [no dates]

6. Black and white ribbon, some made into lapel badges with safety pins [no dates]

7. Window stickers with the slogan 'Shell, No Fuel for Apartheid' [no dates]

8. Medium and small cards pledging not to buy goods from South Africa until Apartheid is dead. [no dates]

9. Plastic block stamp with address for Exeter AA Group in an envelope addressed as Jane Allison, whose address it was.
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